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Dear Itamar Gelbman, Israel Is Your Homeland!

14 of the Third Month 5772
The Jewish Reporter: Israeli Running For Congress Pledges To Stop 'Islamization' Of America
June 3, 2012
Itamar Gelbman says he was born in New York, raised in Israel, and now wants to be the next congressman from the Texas 6th District.

He’s stirred up emotions and debate by saying he wants to stop what he calls the “Islamization” of America.

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Dear Itamar (אח שלי!),

I have said pretty much the same thing to Joe Straus and to Rb. Shmuley Boteach and to Rb. Nachum Shifrin.

Now, I'm going to say it to you.

What the hell are you doing running for office in the U. S.?!

Israel is the only true homeland of the Jewish People.  It doesn't matter what kind of experiences you had while growing up here, positive, negative, or both.  This is where you belong.

One of the greatest errors of our fellow Jews, both now and in times past, has been to become comfortable, dwelling permanently in a land not our own, a land foreign to us.

We did it in Egypt.  We did it in Spain.  We did it in Germany.  And we continue to do it in the U. S.  After all, it's not only safe for Jews in the U. S., it's fantastic for Jews in the U. S.!  Look at how successful we can be there.

But, what kind of success?  Money, money, money...  We can now "pass."  We're no longer even considered Jewish Americans (unless we want to be).  We're just plain ol' Americans.

Israel is not only where you belong, regardless of any "problems," you believe we may have here.  We have plenty.  There is no doubt about that.  Here is where you need to be investing your energies.  Even more so, we could always use someone who is interested in preventing 'Islamization.'  Even though it's Israel, I believe that we are severely lacking in this area.

Run for K'nesseth.  You certainly couldn't worse than any current MK.  Better yet, forget the K'nesseth.  Do something more useful, like grassroots activism, help prevent our children from marrying Arabs, or help English speakers here gain access to the real world taking place in Hebrew, or even open up a shwarmah shop, and convince one Israeli at a time of the dangers of its government sitting motionless on its proverbial tuchus, until non-Jews (ie. U. S., UN, EU) say jump, and give up more of our land.

I'm not even going to try to convince of the physical and spiritual dangers of remaining in the U. S.  My guess is that wouldn't do one damn bit of good.

Unlike like most non-Texans, I am aware of the rich, Jewish history of Texas.  Families struggling and then prospering for generations in Houston, and even in El Paso, of all places!

But, so what?!  Texas is no different than Egypt, or Spain, or Germany.  It's not where we belong.

Israel is our natural environment.  No one said it would be easy, quite the opposite, in fact. (See TB Berakhoth 5a).

But, Israel belongs to us, and we belong to Israel.

Come home!

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