Thursday, July 19, 2012

An IDF Solution For The Problem Of Women Singing In Public?

ראש חודש החמישי תשב"ע

Religious Soldiers In IDF Might Soon have Solution To Women Singing Issue 

Rafi G., September 12, 2011

At an IDF ceremony last week, a group of female soldiers got on stage to sing a song. When that happened. 9 religious soldiers walked out of the ceremony. Under threat of punishment for disobedience, 5 apologized, and the four that did not were tossed from their course. (continue reading)

Here is the (better late, than never) comment I left on the post:
We cannot compromise on even the smallest infraction of the Torah, which the Erev Rav controlled government wants to implement.  It is ALL for the same goal:

The destruction of the Torah, and Torah way of life.

These "small" issues are only a means to an end, just like the Reform Movement's initial "we just don't believe in the Oral Torah" crap.

Even though they have no chance of "winning," we must not stand idly by.

That being said, I wonder why male soldiers haven't gotten on stage with the women.  That way they would technically be singing in a group, and the soldiers could just saying that they are trying to build "IDF unity."


This, of course, would also be problematic, but it would certainly surprise the heck out of IDF and government officials, not to mention, get some "Good PR" out of it. ;-)

Gee, I wonder whatever happened?

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