Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Esser Agaroth Rosh HaShannah Challenge!

כ"ה לחודש השישי תשע"ב/יום בריאת העולם
25 of the Sixth Month 5772
Anniversary of the Creation of the World

Photo: Gilabrand
How many times have you complained about a salesperson, a company, a radio station, or anyone or anything?

The coach of your favorite sports team perhaps?  The weatherman for "getting it wrong" maybe?
How often have you made the call, waited on hold for an hour, or wrote that letter in order to make certain that your complaint was heard and acknowledged, so that you could obtain justice, or simply feel vindicated?

Now, how many times have you got to the same lengths and efforts to compliment someone on a job well done, or for going the extra yard to help you investigate and solve a difficult situation?

What about just taking the extra minute to go over to a store manager to say that you enjoy shopping there?

Do you take at least half the time to say or do something positive for those who have helped you, that you take when complaining to make yourself feel better over some harm that you believe you have incurred?

Well, then, here is my challenge.

Before Rosh HaShannah, do one thing, just one thing which helps another person.

You can either say something positive about someone to his boss, or do something nice for total strangers (*with their permission, of course!).

I, myself, finally called the supervisor of some people who have been very helpful to the company where I work.  Maybe tomorrow, I will do it again.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?  We're generally nice people, aren't we?  How many times have we thought, "Gee, that person was helpful.  I really should tell her supervisor," but never ended up following through?

I have done this a thousand times, at least.  But, now, I've only done it a thousand times minus one.

How about you?

Shannah Tovah!


Batya said...

Wonderful reminder, thanks for posting. Now that I'm an ordinary salesperson I'm much more sensative to the issue and do try to thank others. I've had many customers come back to me after checking out to specially thank me. It makes the job more rewarding.

Anonymous said...

B"H - I sent Shana tova cards to our Prisoners of Zion:

Jonathan Pollard
c/o FCI Butner
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, NC
U.S.A 27509-1000

and to

Jack Teitel
c/o Ayalon Prison

Please follow suite

Ed Greenberg said...

Funny, I just sent off a complementary letter to a vendor today, and then read this post.

Regarding sending cards, It'd be nice to send one to the fellow who is locked up in Cuba and the one in Bolivia. Not sure how, though.

Batya said...

I really like this post.  So much so, that I wrote about it  here.

Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks, Batya!

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