Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everything You Need To Know About Deputy PM Dan Meridor

ט' לחודש השמיני תשע"ג

Now, I COULD say that Dan Meridor is a stupid asshole.  I'm not saying that he IS a stupid asshole.  I am only saying that he COULD be CALLED one.

Of course, it is illegal in the holy State of Israel to call a public official such names (I think?).  And, since I would NEVER want to violated the holy laws of the State of Israel, I had better NOT call Dan Meridor a stupid asshole.

Remember what happened to Nadia Matar when she was indicted and convicted of calling Yonatan Bashi a CAPO?  Highly inconvenient, even though she was eventually let off the hook, from the heinous crime of "name-calling."

So, much "free speech" in the holy State of Israel....

So, to find out everything that you need to know about Dan Meridor, WITHOUT calling him a stupid asshole, let us begin with my Esser Agaroth (2¢) analysis of the following article, which has been interspersed in blue italics.
IsraelNN: Deputy PM: No Plans to Adopt Pro-Settlement Report 
Deputy PM Meridor says there are no plans to adopt the Levy Report. “Ramallah, Hevron not part of Israel.”

Maayana Miskin, October 19, 2012

See how well I blend in with my neighbors?
The government does not plan to adopt the Levy Report, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor declared Friday. The groundbreaking report found the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is legal by international law.
I am not familiar with the "Levy Report," not do I care.  I don't need any report to tell me what legal or legal, according to International Law or Israeli Law.

I have the The Torah to tell me what is or is not "legal."

“Ramallah and Hevron are not part of the state of Israel, and I don’t think that Prime Minister Netanyahu plans to change that,” Meridor told Voice of Israel Radio (Kol Yisrael).

Meridor’s statements contradict earlier statements from Vice Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon. During a visit to Hevron earlier this year, Yaalon assured Jewish residents that Israel’s return to the city is “forever” and said the government is “working to develop our presence here.”
This is just evidence that the Likud is just a bunch of rag tag good ol' boys (and girls) thrown together, in order to pool together each others pools of voters.  They really do not have much else in common.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said this week that he would seek to adopt parts of the Levy Report. However, he has reportedly changed his mind due to strong opposition from Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. 
Even the Prime Minister cannot decide which position will get him more votes... not to mention which position will be easier to lie about change after the elections, in order to please his puppet masters friends in the West.
The report has caused upset in the Opposition. While the National Union is in favor of adopting the study, the left-wing Labor, Meretz and Kadima parties, as well as the Arab parties, are strongly against such a move.
So, basically, Meridor agrees with those in the opposition parties, including Uber-Leftist Meretz Party and the Arab parties which are known for wanting to revoke anything even remotely Jewish about Israel.

One only has to look as far as the Likud Platform, which at one time (does it still?) proclaimed both the West AND East Banks of the Jordan River to be the Land of Israel, to know that Meridor is about as much of a Likudnik as I am.  Well, actually, I AM a member of the Likud Party.  I just keep forgetting to cancel my membership for its annual digging into my bank account for my membership fees.  So, just figure that I might as well vote in the primaries. After all, I paid for it.

But, I digress....

Everything you need to know is that Dan Meridor COULD be called a stupid asshole.  But, since that is illegal, we had better not.

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Batya said...

A vote for Likud is a vote for Dan Meridor!!

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