Tuesday, October 09, 2012

How Does A Drone Come From Lebanon Into Southern Israel Without Being Detected?

מוצאי שמיני עצרת תשע"ג
YNET: IAF Shoots Down Suspicious Aircraft In Northern Negev
Unmanned, unidentified aircraft infiltrates Israeli airspace Saturday morning; IAF fighter jets intercept aircraft shortly thereafter; IDF: Aircraft did not depart from Gaza or carry explosives

Yoav Zitun, October 6, 2012

The Israeli Air Force intercepted an unmanned and unidentified aircraft that entered Israel's airspace early Saturday morning.

The aircraft was shot down by two F-16I jets in an open area in the northern Negev region, and its remains were scattered in an open area in the south Mount Hebron region. Army forces were alerted to the scene in order to collect the remains in hopes of identifying the drone, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said. (cont.)
1. How did it get so far south, undetected?

2. Were there operatives in the south?

3. Why was it done?  To see if they could?  Reconnaissance?

4. Was this a "false flag" event?

One resident of the Gallil suggested that the drone could have traveled over the Mediterranean Sea, then darted inland, and was controlled via GPS.

I am still not convinced.

Then there was this...
YNET: UNIFIL: No Drone Detected Crossing From Lebanon Into Israel 
UN force says it hasn't spotted any breach of Israeli airspace from Lebanon; responsibility for UAV mission yet to be claimed
(Tip Credit: Jews News)
Not that we should even think twice about trusting anything at all which comes out of any UN (United Nothings) body, but this would go along with the water fly-over theory. If the UN did detect something off to the west, it technically would not be lying,...technically.

Perhaps more will be revealed regarding this awfully odd event, or perhaps only that which the Shimon Peres Israeli government wants to be revealed will be revealed.

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