Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moshe Dayan Doesn't Receive Any Tears From Me

מוצש"ק פר' לך לך תשע"ג
YNET: PM Condemns Desecration Of Dayan's Grave 
Speaking at memorial service for late Minister Rehavam Ze'evi, Netanyahu says prevalence of vandalism of graves, holy sites is unacceptable

Omri Efraim, October 16, 2012

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denounced the desecration of former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan's grave on Tuesday, saying that the deed and others like it were "unacceptable." (cont.)

"The minister of failure, in the name of the fallen"
In תשכ"ז/1967, Moshe Dayan won, and then handed over the Temple Mount to the Wakf (Muslim Religious Authority).

The Israeli government would later "give back" the Sinai Peninsula, promised to us for the future.  That future could very well have been תשל"ג/1973, if only we had allowed that future to happen.

In תשס"ו/2006, the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] took control of Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River

Does anyone besides me see a pattern here?

Who knows if the redecoration of Moshe Dayan's tombstone was the work of "Tag Mahir" ("Price Tag") or the secret operations of some limb of the Israeli government, made to look like "Tag Mahir?"  

I believe that at least half of such incidents are probably the work of some secret arm of an Israeli government enforcement body.  But, I do not have any evidence to this effect.

But you will also not see any tears from Esser Agaroth shed over the redecoration of Moshe Dayan's grave.

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