Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oppressive, Occupying Settlers Storm And Desecrate Al-Aksa!

ב' חול המועד סוכות תשע"ג

Sorry, but no one could be that optimistic to believe that the title of this post was true!  Could they?

If your a leftist, please take the necessary minute and a half to read the rest of this post.

From My Right Word (Tip Credit):
"Three arrested today - Dr. Menachem Ben-Yashar (87), Yehuda Libman and Elyashiv Cherlow, son of Rabbi Yuval Cherlow. Yesterday, in addition to Moshe Feiglin and Chaggai Weiss, Chaggai Yekutiel was also detained but refused to sign any commitment declaration form."

"90 settlers in three scattered groups stormed and desecrated Al-Aqsa..."
- Quds Media

Stormed?  Yeah, right. (Laughing Out Loud!)

Good for (Mamlakhti) Rabbi Cherlow for educating his son properly (at least apparently so).

Is there hope for these Mamlakhtim (undying, brainwashed, State loyalists) yet?

Are they actually starting to see that not only is the State not perfect, but that the usual channels to "facilitate change from within" have no hope in hell of working?

If only it were so!

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