Tuesday, October 09, 2012

U. S. Elections: "To Vote Or Not To Vote?" OR "Stuck Between A Muslim And A Mormon"

כ"ג לחודש השביעי תשע"ג

I've heard so many theories about why voting in the U. S. elections is so crucial, and that voting for this one or that one would be better for Jews, Israel, and even the U. S. (...as if I actually cared about the U. S.).

I do not give a...

Here are just a few of the reasons which have been forced down my throat...

1. Obama will make it so bad for the Jews, that they'll fight to get on planes to Israel.
*Um,...I do not think that it is permissible to do wrong anything knowingly harmful to fellow Jews.

2.  Obama is so way out there, that he will neve succeed in having any significant influence over an Israeli prime minister.
*Um,...Someone hasn't been paying attention to the news, nor to history.  Israeli prime ministers have traditionally not needed any help whatsoever in making screwed up decisions for the Israeli public.

1. If Obama wins, then Vice-President Biden will still only a heartbeat away from the Oval Office
*Isn't anyone else as astounded as I am that Obama is keeping this buffoon on the Democratic ticket?  Watch for an "October Surprise!"

2. Romney will prevent and abortions and gay marriage.
*Yeah,...I guess.
The ONLY theory that makes any sense to me is the one where Jews put faith in HaShem, His Torah, and in ourselves standing on our own two feet.

Nope.  You didn't think of that one, did you?

So, should I vote for the lying, crack-smoking, Kenyan, Muslim closet case (not that there's anything wrong with that. - alla "Seinfeld")?


...the one who believes that stolen and distorted, Native American theology was found on golden flatware, that Yesh"u transported appeared in North America, told him that he would eventually become a deity himself on another planet, who may (or may not) take along his wife to be his co-deity? *Sounds a little Zoroasteran to me. Why does there never seem to be a Scientologist around when you need one?


Since I am registered to vote in California, does it really matter if I vote at all?  I mean, is it really worth a NIS 2.00 stamp.  *That's about $ 0.52. The bottom line is that the U. S. isn't my country.  Everyone wants to tell me that it's my hishtadluth (my part, my effort) to vote in the U. S. elections,...because I can.  Hmmm...

Personally, I have always preferred science-fiction over soap operas (or wasting postage stamps), but no matter.

Just don't forget to search on YouTube for "Larry Sinclair, Obama."  Then you'll will understand the above, explicit description of the Muslim.

As far as the Mormon goes, he apparently believes in a "two-state" solution, which automatically pasuls (disqualifies) him in my book anyway.  Yeah, some Christian he is! Oh, that's right. A lot of Christians don't even consider Mormons, Christians, per se,...as if I really cared about Mormons or Christians.

I do not give a...
JSpace: Romney Promotes Two-Solution; Criticizes Obama On Iran

Governor Mitt Romney laid out a foreign policy plan Monday night, in a speech aimed at profiling the GOP candidate’s foreign affairs platform ahead of the election.
In the lead up to his Monday address at the Virginia Military Institute, media received a transcript of Romney’s planned remarks. News reports circulated that the former Massachusetts governor would work to challenge President Obama’s handling of the Middle East riots last month—a claim that ultimately proved true.

The released statements included a line about a free, democratic Palestine that seemed to contradict comments Romney made in a secret fundraiser tape circulated last month, a clip known colloquially as the “47 percent video.”

In the video, Romney states that an independent Palestine is not possible, as the Palestinians do not actually want peace. He adds that the solution is to “kick the problem” down the field, insinuating he would leave the matter for a future administration.

In the released text of his Monday night speech, reporters caught on to a portion that showed the candidate making a stark turn from his earlier Palestine remarks. In his address, Romney called for a recommitment “to the goal of a democratic, prosperous Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with the Jewish state of Israel.” (cont.)

And I thought that flip-flops were a type of footwear...  Boy, was I wrong!

Anyway, talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, or rather, between a Muslim and a Mormon.

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