Thursday, October 11, 2012

U. S. Troops In Jordan: Now Will You Believe Me?

כ"ה לחודש השביעי תשע"ג

For years I have been suggesting that the U. S. government's sending of troops into Israel (Yes! In Israel!), and into anywhere near Israel, has been based on anything but "good intentions." Whether it is to gain eventual control of Jerusalem, Christian historical sites, or more, the presence of U. S. Troops in Israel is not for the benefit of the Jewish People.  I say that EVEN if U. S. Troops are coming (or are already here) to serve some sort of role in Shimon Peres's the Israeli government's grand scheme of things.

For years, I have tracked the sightings of U. S. Troops in Israel., first turned onto their possible presence by Who Killed Yitzchak Rabin? author, Barry Chamish, Israel National Radio talk show host Tamar Yonah.  U. S. Troops have showed up in the Shomron (Samaria), in Ashdod, and, of course, in the Negev Desert.  Sightings of their presence is not so much the problem.  Their presence has sometimes been celebrated in the Leftist-controlled mainstream, Israeli news media, like when they were here in תשס"ג/2003 to "defend" us from a potential "scud missile onslaught," resulting from the U. S. attack on Iraq. The lack of any evidence of their complete exit from Israel is the problem!

The following news item from Yahoo came to me from Tomer Devorah, one of the few Jews, and definitely one the few bloggers, out there who has a sense for seeing historical patterns.

Her blog is one of only two I make the effort to read on a regular basis.

I recommend that you do the same.

My Esser Agaroth (2¢) are in blue italics.  The black bold indicates highlights from Tomer Devorah, the red bold from me.

Panetta: US sends forces to Jordan
The United States has sent military troops to the Jordan-Syria border to bolster that country's military capabilities in the event that violence escalates along its border with Syria, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday.
Speaking at a NATO conference of defense ministers in Brussels, Panetta said the U.S. has been working with Jordan to monitor chemical and biological weapons sites in Syria and also to help Jordan deal with refugees pouring over the border from Syria. The troops are also building a headquarters for themselves.
But the revelation of U.S. military personnel so close to the 19-month-old Syrian conflict suggests an escalation in the U.S. military involvement in the conflict, even as Washington pushes back on any suggestion of a direct intervention in Syria.
Maybe, maybe not.  What concerns me is what happens after the U. S. troops have completed their "publicized" tasks.  Then what?
It also follows several days of shelling between Turkey and Syria, an indication that the civil war could spill across Syria's borders and become a regional conflict. (Hint, hint...)
"We have a group of our forces there working to help build a headquarters there and to insure that we make the relationship between the United States and Jordan a strong one so that we can deal with all the possible consequences of what's happening in Syria," Panetta said.
Translation: make the relationship between the United States and Jordan such that the United States can control Jordan....
...A U.S. defense official in Washington said the forces are made up of 100 military planners and other personnel who stayed on in Jordan after attending an annual exercise in May, and several dozen more have flown in since, operating from a joint U.S.-Jordanian military center north of Amman that Americans have used for years....
Tomer Devorah:
If the US has secret designs on Jerusalem, they could be positioning themselves for more than Syrian refugees and intel gathering. 

More Esser Agaroth (2¢):
...and I will reiterate what I wrote above...  Whatever the intentions of the U. S., I believe them to be nefarious.  That does not mean that those intentions might very serve the plans of the Israeli government.  In fact, I believe the opposite; they may very well serve its plans.

In תשס"ה/2005, the Israeli government received proof positive that having its own Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] throw fellow Jews out of their homes was a psychological and public relations disaster.  The Israeli government has simply not been successful enough in demonizing settlers, in order to remove them from wherever and whenever it wants.

Even the Israeli public has its limits, in spite of its learned helplessness.

Even certain IDF units, such as Tzanhanim (paratroopers) and Naha"l Haredi (a strongly religious unit), were not dragged called in to participate in the expulsion, because it was well-known that the Israeli government would have had hundreds of soldiers refusing orders to carry out the operation.

The Israeli government also apparently does not have enough non-Jewish (eg. Jews-hating Ukrainians, here under questionable documentation for purely economic reasons) Yassa"mnikim (riot police) to beat up throw Jews out of their homes and hand over their lands to hostile Arabs.

As I wrote, a full six months before the Israeli government's "unilateral disengagement," AKA "expulsion of Jews," from Azza (Gaza), the use of foreign troops (ie. non-Jews) to do the Israeli government's dirty work is no longer the personal conspiracy theory of a handful of those of us able to see the writing on the wall; it is inevitable.

At first, I thought that those foreign (U. S.) troops might come through Syria, after completing their search for weapons of mass destruction, smuggled in from Iraq in תשס"ג/2003.  That didn't happen.  But, it was only a matter of time when a new, potential plan to invade Syria began to rear its ugly head: More "regime change."

Now, it appears that the U. S. is going right for the jugular veins.  The assumption is the U. S. Troops in Jordan will have a convenient launching point to go into Syria.  Whether they go into Syria or not, is insignificant, in my opinion.

They may be there to save King Abdullah's tuchus, or so he thinks.  More likely, though, they will be so conveniently situated, that they will be able to reach their first expulsion targets within minutes, carrying out the final expulsion exactly as I said they would years ago.

By using foreign troops, the Israeli government believes that...
1. It will avoid the deep, psychological damage of its own troops, caused the last time IDF soldiers had to throw their fellow Jews out of their homes.

2. Settlers, not the suburbanites of Efrat or Neve Daniel, but SETTLERS, will have much less qualms about laying hands on the foreign troops attempting to expel them from their land and homes, than they would about laying hands on Jewish troops.  Thus, "accidents," "expected, harmless skirmishes," and "fatal misunderstandings" will easily end up killing two (or more) birds with one stone.  (Pun intended)
Think I'm nuts?  Probably you do.  But, you had also better hope that I am wrong.


Batya said...

I have no doubt it has been an American plan for a long time. They had been hoping and planning to "rescue" us in 1973. Nobody expected Israel to actually win the war. Americans had been waiting in Europe to be called in.

Devash said...

See Is Israel Soon to be Occupied by Foreign (Gog?) Troops from back in January when the first 9,000 US soldiers arrived. Actually, that would be the first wave of soldiers coming ostensibly to participate in the exercise which is only now going to take place starting in another week. That doesn't include those who are permanently deployed here at US bases on Israeli soil.

Ruvy Kossover said...

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me at all. I DID have such a scenario in mind for some years. As it did not appear to materialize, I kinda forgot about it. But the Americans didn't...

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