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Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef's Passing: This is a test; this is only a test....

ערב שבת קודש פר' לך-לך תשע"ד

Rabbi Ovadiah
Yosef ztz"l
Some of you will be critical of me for writing such a post so soon after the passing of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef ztz"l, Chief Sepharadi Rabbi of Israel (5733-5743), and major spiritual leader and adjudicator of halakhah (Torah Law) within the Sephardi and Mizrahi communities until this day.

However, if you actually pay attention while reading this post, you will notice that it does not contain anything even remotely negative about Rav Ovadiah. In fact, other than the mention of his passing, it does not contain anything about him at all.

In anticipation of the potential chaos and traffic jams due to the funeral of Rav Ovadiah at 6:00 PM, it was announced that public transportation would be shut down by 3:00 PM.
That made absolutely no sense to me at all. Why not simply clear the streets needs for the funeral procession? In fact, the procession was apparently shortened in order to lessen the inconvenience to the City and it residents. The procession could have started at Rav Ovadiah's home in Har Nof, a neighborhood in the far west of Jerusalem. But, it did not. Rather it began not so far away at all from his final resting place in Sanhdria (Bar-Ilan Junction), in the Center-North of the City.

So, why was there a need to shut down public transportation in the South or West coming into the Center and Central Bus Station? There wasn't any at all. This was announced on various news site, but neither on the local bus and light rail websites, which are usually pretty good about posting this kind of news flash, change in service information. It is certainly possible that they posted their changes in services not so much later than when I checked them between 3:30 and 4:00 PM.

Jerusalem is no stranger to traffic inconveniences, with this Head of State or that Envoy arriving to tell the Israeli government what it should or should not do. New blockades pop up, buses are rerouted, and that's the end of it. The same has for demonstrations, even those which have whole chunks of the City, like the Beis Yisro'el, Shmu'el HaNavi, and Meah She'arim neighborhoods, and the Bukharim Quarter all at once!

Granted there was an unprecedented attendance of an estimated 850,000 people. But was the government really able to foresee this? Was the government simply be cautious?

Nonetheless, some businesses were closing early, either because owners and their employees wanted to attend the funeral, or because of concerns about getting home themselves.

Meanwhile the Egged Bus Company announced providing extra intercity buses to Jerusalem from Ashdod, B'nei B'raq and Beth Shemesh, to handle the anticipated number of out of town attendees. This did make sense.

By around 5:00 PM, intra-city transportation was back in business, if it was ever out of service in the first place. Service was limited, and trains and buses were packed to capacity. Again, this simply did not make sense. Why limited? Operators and drivers had already gone home, and could not be recalled? Odd....

Twitter was all a buzz about the funeral.

And then I saw...

Unlike in the U. S. where it is supposed to be against the law [usually] to use the military as a police force (Posse Comitatus), the Israeli government does not have that "inconvenience."

Now Imagine This:
How does a government get 850,000 people, in Israel's case, one seventh (1/7) of its population, into a confined area in a matter of hours, including having them get on buses of their own accord, and even get there on their own dime (ie. sheqqel)? particular, 850,000 of the great threat to said government: Religious Jews, who hold The Almighty and His Torah to be on a much higher level of authority than the government.

Pack trains and buses to the brim. Throw in a little panick for good measure, like a gas leak, for example, and every will simply do what they are told to do, by the almighty government which "protects and takes care of us."

If big rabbi or popular political figure wasn't available for "dying," then all the "powers that be" [PTB] would have to do is kidnap one, assuming he would not be willing to collaborate of his own accord, course, in theory this kind of lie would only work once.

Of course, such a big fat lie would only work once,...theoretically. But, it would only have to work once.

In a country where the mainstream (Read: Left-wing controlled) news media is filled with...
1. Fear Iran
2. Fear the situation in Syria, (Read: Israelis must unify and avoid dissent) 
3. Do not worry about the situation in Egypt (because it's too far away and they'll always be our "friends," right?)
4. Ignore any turmoil in Jordan and Turkey (We wouldn't want to frighten the "sheeple!")
5. And that the U. S. will always be there to protect us.
...we are too distracted to see the real threat: The Israeli Government, which only eight years ago threw out almost 10,000 Jews from their homes, gave their lands to Hamas, which has simply continued firing rockets at us ever since.

(Click for links to individual memorial pages.)

Twelve years before that, it gave weapons to the Pseudostinian Authority, which has been using them to kill Jews.

Now, the Israeli Government has its eyes peered at the over 200,000 thousand Jews living in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria).

"sheeple" = sheep + people
The Oslo "Death" Accords (1993) did not die with the death of Oslo supporter Rabbi Ovadiah ztz"l. No doubt, his death and message with be used, manipulated, and invoked in order to surrender more land, and to kick more Jews out of their homes in the heartland of the Divinely Promised Land of Israel.

In the meantime, plenty of data was gathered during his funeral, to be used to devise ways and means to keep the "sheeple" quietly tucked away in their pens, while the Israeli Government carries out,...well,...whatever it chooses to carry out.

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