Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What does Former Israeli President Katsav have up his sleeve?

י"ט לחודש השמיני תשע"ד

YNET: Katsav requests retrial from Supreme Court
Former president and convicted rapist claims he found 'distortion of judgment' in original ruling

Aviel Magnezi, October 14, 2013

Moshe Katzav
Former president Moshe Katsav, who is two years into a seven year prison sentence for rape and other sexual offenses, appealed to the Supreme Court on Monday for a new trial.

In the appeal, Katsav's attorneys Yehoshua Resnik and Zion Saharay claim there was a "distortion of judgment" in the Tel Aviv District Court's original ruling.

In the appeal, Katsav complained that his rape conviction was based solely on the testimony of complainant 'A' from the Tourism Ministry and was not supported by any other piece of evidence.

The former president claims phone calls he made from his car prove he was not with complainant 'A' when the rape he was convicted of took place.

The former president was convicted in 2011 of rape, sexual assault and harassment of a number of female employees while he served as tourism minister and president.

Last month Katsav, who never admitted to or expressed remorse for the offenses of which he was convicted, received his first 24-hour furlough, which he spend in his home in Kiryat Malachi. His brother Lior greeted him outside the Maasiyahu Prison in Ramla along with a small group of relatives including Katsav's son, Yisrael.

Lior told reporters that his brother is a victim of "a great injustice" and that he was "convicted of crimes that never took place."

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I am still not sure whether Katzav is really guilty, of some or of any of the things he was accused of. If he is, then, of course, he should be punished. But, that's not the issue here, and it never was.

In Israel, as the saying goes, most politicians are guilty of something, but get "caught" (...and tried, and convicted) when they succeed in angering the wrong people.

Another theory as to the push for Katzav's conviction is that of racism. Non-Ashkenazi Aryeh Deri and Moshe Katzav, served time in jail, but Ashkenazy former President Ezer Weitzman and Prime Minister Ehud Baraq were never even called on the carpet.

But then, the arrest and conviction of Ashkenazy Omri Sharon and Ehud Olmert. appeared to debunk. Nevertheless, I wouldn't put anything, certainly not racism, passed this government.

Still one more theory which suggests a contribution to Katzav's elimination from the political scene was his election to the presidency itself.

Who remembers who Katzav defeated? That's right! He defeated Shimon Peres, and by only one vote, to receive a basic majority of the K'nesseth!

Now, I am not sure that Peres is THAT petty, that he would take revenge on someone. To Peres, it all seems like a game. After all, no matter which parties are elected to form a government or who gets elected prime minister, Peres is the one with the real in power in Israel, .

Nonetheless, I am willing to bet that he was caught off guard when lost the election, and was, shall we say, far from pleased.

I would like to propose just one more theory behind Katzav's arrest and conviction: He knows too much. What will happen after his seven year sentence when he gets released, we will just have to wait an see.

Yet, in spite of all these theories, one question still gnaws at me:

What makes former President Moshe Katzav think that he could an early release?

The prosecution must have really messed up, if Katzav's attorney thinks that a conflict between phone records and one witness's testimony is enough.

And so, the Saga of Moshe Katzav continues.

Stay tuned!


David Tzohar said...

How do you figure that Peres has any power in the government?. The presidency is purely a figurehead position with no real political power at all.

Esser Agaroth said...

David, I am glad you asked that question.

Under Israeli Law, the president is indeed supposed to a mostly symbolic position. Yet, as anyone with eyes can see, Peres has done things which Katzav or Weitzman would have been called on the carpet long ago. Katzav, for example, was very careful not express any personal opinion on the gerush from Azza.

Shimon Peres has acted in a capacity which have been anything but symbolic.

Shimon Peres without any political power? Do you really believe that?

Stay tuned....

Esser Agaroth said...

Nonetheless, he may have the answers to these questions, power or not.

That was what this was all about: Asking him questions.

Either he knows the answers or not.

My money is on him knowing plenty.

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