Sunday, October 26, 2014

Avi Weiss Steps Down! Or Does He?

ב׳ לחודש השמיני תשע״ה

Avi Weiss, [too] Modern [for] Orthodox[y] rabbi, has announced that he will be stepping down from his "pulpit." But, don't worry, the havoc he has reeked across segments of the Torah-dedicated community will surely continue.

Rb. Pinchos Lipschutz provides us with the best, overall summary of Weiss's unfortunate contributions to Modern Orthodoxy, as well as a brief history of the influence various trouble makers have asserted on Judaism over the years, and concluding with a scenario of the potential, final downfall of Modern Orthodoxy, and how it might be prevented.

I highly recommend reading his Lipschutz's entire piece. Below, I have listed a few tidbits from it.

Rabbi Avi Weiss
Rabbi Avi Weiss to Step Down

Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, October 22, 2014

Rabbi Avi Weiss, founder of Open Orthodoxy’s flagship institutions, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat, and a vocal proponent of granting semichah to women, announced on Shemini Atzeres that he is stepping down from the pulpit of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (HIR). He had previously given up the presidency of Chovevei Torah....

...Weiss said he is not retiring, stating that he will still serve as rabbi-in-residence at HIR, adding that he would continue speaking and mentoring rabbinic students...

In his speech, Weiss called “Rabba” Sara Hurwitz - who he ordained - “my hero” stating that “although Rabba Sara is spending more time as the dean of Yeshivat Maharat, an institution which grants semichah to women, her contribution in the Bayit (HIR) has been historic, and it continues to be indispensable. A woman’s voice in the spiritual leadership of our Bayit as a full member of our rabbinic team is crucial to our future success....”
...In rejecting a geirus performed by Weiss, the Israeli Rabbanut explained, via its legal adviser, Harel Goldberg, “The Chief Rabbinate has been contacted by various rabbis known to the rabbinate, some of whom hold positions in the RCA [Rabbinical Council of America], who claim that Rabbi Weiss’ halakhic positions, as expressed in various incidents and under various circumstances, cast doubt on the degree of his commitment to customary and accepted Jewish halakha....”

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

It's part of the great egalitarian movement: all people can have an aliyah. Any person can be a rabbi. Every rabbi can be a posek.

Esser Agaroth said...


I pray that we will wake up to the differences between Western values and sensibilities and Torah values and sensibilities,...hopefully sooner than later.

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