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Terror Attack In Jerusalem! (Updated!)

כ"ט לחודש השביעי תשע"ה

YNET: Suspected terror attack in Jerusalem; three wounded
Baby in serious condition; 8 wounded when car hits people waiting at the Ammunition Hill station of Jerusalem's Light Rail.

Noam (Dabul) Dvir, October 22, 2014

Time marker 00:07 car turns right from main road into the light rail station.
(Video Tip: Lahav Hakov)
A baby was critically wounded and eight other people were wounded near Jerusalem's Light Rail Ammunition Hill station in a possible terror attack. According to Initial reports a car attempted to run over people waiting at the station.

The car's driver attempted to flee the scene but was shot, apparently by the police. He was taken to a Jerusalem hospital together with the other wounded, which include two in moderate condition and four light. According to an initial investigation, the driver is a resident of East Jerusalem.

In wake of the event, the Light Rail said in a statement is running a patrial service between the Mount Herzl and Damascus Gate and the Givat HaMivtar stations.

According to MDA paramedics at 5:54 pm they received a report saying that a car hit a number of pedestrians near the Ammunition Hill station. Three people were wounded, including a baby, who was in serious condition together with another man; another person was lightly wounded.

Zion Square and the Ben Yehudah Pedestrian Mall is located between the Jaffa and City Hall Stations.
Hebrew University is not too far from the Ammunition Hill and French Hill Stations.
The Ohr Somayach Yeshivah is near the Shimon HaTzadiq Station.
The Mir Yeshivah is near the Shivtei Yisrael Station.
(Photo Credit: Maximilian Dörrbecker)
This is not the first time the capital has seen such attacks, and recent weeks have seen a number incidents on the train.

On October 12, the Jerusalem Light Rail came under a hail of stones in five separate attacks. All of the incidents took place in the train's East Jerusalem stations, near Shuafat, highlighting the perils the rapid transit system faces in the Palestinian parts of the city.

The recent two months have seen a rise in the number of attacks on the train, especially in the Palestinian parts of the city. Those using the Light Rail for their daily commute say incidents in the Shuafat and Beit Hanina stations have become routine. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This article is worth reading. I am pleasantly surprised that even left-wing YNET lists the various attacks against the Jerusalem's light rail, and in particular within Arab neighborhoods.

These attacks still make absolutely NO sense to me. The light rail running through the Shu'afat and Bet Haninah neighborhoods, and along the border of several other Arab neighborhoods, such as Sheikh Jarrah and the Arab and Christian Quarters of the Old City, helps Jerusalem's Arab residents tremendously.

The city and national governments could have easily bypassed the northern Arab neighborhoods via Moshe Dayan Blvd. Instead, the route was built to run through these neighborhoods, for the benefit of their residents.

So, why are the Arabs shooting themselves in the proverbial foot??

Another point I picked out of this article was that the northern Arab neighborhoods are referred to as "Palestinian parts of the city." The second video from the Israeli Police refers to the three Arab youths as "Palestinians," instead of Arab Israelis.

No doubt the "solution" to the "Palestinian" issue, will be to "disengage" from them. Watch as more and more "Arab Israelis" transform into "Palestinians" by the mainstream, Israel news media. Which city's residents are next? Nazareth? Jaffa?

Despite Prime Minister Netanyahu's denial of giving up on, and giving up, half of Jerusalem, the stage has already been set.


May The Almighty forbid the division of Jerusalem!


Hayah Zisel Braun, age 3 months
ה' יקום דמה

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