Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Didn't Saturday Night's Left-Wing Protest make the News?

כ״ח לחודש השביעי תשע״ה

I am very surprised that I could not find any reports on the demonstration I saw, building up last Saturday night. At 9:15, I saw it developing at the top of the Ben Yehuda Midrahov (pedestrian mall). A banner was being hung between two poles which read in Hebrew and Arabic...

עוצרים את הגזענות!
(Stop Racism!)

I suppose that someone may have filmed and clip, and posted it on YouTube. But when I could not find it on the Internet, with general and news searches, I did not bother.

The numbers were few. But, it seemed like it was just getting started. Or perhaps the bus carrying protestors from Tel-Aviv broke down. That is the Leftist' usual modus operandi [MO], shipping in ringers from Tel-Aviv, on Shabbath itself, in preparation for a post-Shabbath demonstration.

Avraham Burg was there, with his incredibly-shrinking kippah, mulling around, and chit-chatting with his cultural elite.

Avraham Burg
Former Speaker of K'nesseth (Labor)
Current French/EU Passport holder
What does Burg care? Getting a little too hot in France for you, Avraham?

When came back the same way at around 11:00, the banner was gone, and the area was dominated by a bunch of kids in kippoth and tzitziyoth, dancing to an upbeat version of הקדוש ברוך הוא, אנחנו אוהבים אותך! (Holy One, Blessed Be He, We Love You!). While I was walking up Ben Yehuda Street, I could not hear anything from the other direction, down below at Kikar Tzion (Zion Square). If any remnants of a protest was there, the usual, final destination of demonstrations in Jerusalem, then it was insignificant.

It continues to amaze me at just how little "religious" Jews know of Torah. Either they are completely ignorant of the fact that the Torah addresses everything, including how we are to interact with non-Jews, and not just "Shabbos and Kashrus shailos." Or they only listen to the "Acharonim Acharonim Acharonim," to "Rabbanim Tze'irim," and to anyone else who appeals to their galuth (exile) values and sensibilities.

Definitely tough Jews to reach and wake up.

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