Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Haredi Conundrum: Superbus Begins Operating on Shabbos

זאת חנוכה תשע"ה

Life In Israel: Superbus to start operating bus lines on Shabbos
December 22, 2014

I don't quite understand how this works, but News1 is reporting that the Ministry of Transportation has approved Superbus to operate some bus lines on Shabbos.

This Shabbos will be the first time since Superbus began operating bus lines in 2002 that it will be operating lines on Shabbos.

Especially unusual about this is that much of Superbus's existing operations are in areas with Haredi populations.

This is unusual because we all know how the Haredi community takes to chilul shabbos, and breaking of the status quo, and reacts by boycotting even the non-chillul shabbos parts of such companies (like AM:PM and Shefa Shuk).

The affected lines are in the cities of Afula, Kiryat Tivon, Yokneam and Haifa. The lines operating on Shabbos will be in areas that did not previously have public transportation on Shabbos, and even going into areas with religious populations, so this is a big change in policy. Personally it makes me wonder why they approve these new lines but have refused to approve such lines on Shabbos in very secular areas like parts of Tel Aviv that have been working for years to get public transportation on Shabbos.

I wait to see how the Haredi community will react, and if they will boycott Superbus in other areas, such as Bet Shemesh, as a result. It is a tough boycott to create, considering how reliant the community is on public transportation, but I cannot see this passing quietly.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):

Superbus Service Map

Could it be that elements of MK Elazar Stern's proposed "Shabbos Law" is being implemented anyway, through the back door?

It would not surprise me. Either the Erev Rav, anti-Torah government is sneaking something through which it wants to happen anyway. Or, this is simply an experiment to see to what happens when they implement its sneakiness. That way, if there is any protest or other resistance, it can study how to improve its sneakiness.

Like Life In Israel, I too, look forward to seeing the Haredi community's reaction, not to mention the reaction of those residents of Beth Shemesh, dependent on Superbus for transportation.

Will there be protests? Will the protests accomplish anything? Or will some justification be produced for the continued patronage of Superbus?

Meanwhile, do not expect too much, if any, protest from the Mamlakhti (diehard State loyalist) religious community. Hillul Shabbath seems to be OK for this brain dead segment of society, as long as the State puts its stamp of approval on it.

Over 2,100 years after the events, leading to the first celebration of Hanukkah, we are still up against a strong Hellenist presence.


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