Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If Ethiopians can do it, Then why can't Americans?

י"ט לחודש התשעי תשע"ה

Posted by Chaim Sidman on the EMERGENCY ALYIA NOW Facebook Group:
If these Jews with nothing can make alyiah with out nothing, why can't Jews in western countries make alyiah with all their posessions? It will get to the point when Jews in western countries lose all their posessions for them to decide when to come. By then it may be to late.

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I could not have said it any better than Chaim.

However, I would like to elaborate on this a little.

We should not forget the treatment the Ethiopians received upon arriving, in contrast to those immigrating from the former Soviet Union, now estimated to be anywhere from 60 to 70 percent goyim gamurim (non-Jews).

The Ethiopians have also had to struggle to differentiate themselves from those Ethiopians who have no connection to being Jewish whatsoever, and in many cases are believing Christians, who have been allowed to immigrate to Israel anyway.

In addition, this community was hurt greatly by the mixing in from one of the so-called liberal "Jewish Movements. At the tail end of Operation Moses, "volunteers" from North America were instrumental in convincing some of the Ethiopians, that they did not need to undergo conversion. Operation Moses took place in 1984, seven years before Operation Solomon, recounted in the video.

This is just one piece of more evidence at how spiritually challenging it must be for Westerners, particularly North Americans to pick up and leave the exile.

If they wait too long, they risk getting the proverbial kick in the pants like their European brothers and sisters, and those who came from from Arab countries, before them.

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