Monday, December 14, 2015

"The Blacklist:" Evidence of a Global Conspiracy?

ג׳ לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו

Asking around for recommendations for a television series to waste some time on watch, just in case there was actually one out there worth watching, the NBC spy drama “The Blacklist” (2013) came up.

While binge watching to catch up to the current season, I picked up on the arc of the battle against the secret world government, and the attempts to demonize the professional criminal, who is the show’s hero, or perhaps its anti-hero. Season 1 introduces the notion of a shadow government, comprised of political and economic leaders from nations around the world. Episodes reveal their secret strategies and short-term goals, they expect will lead them to their primary objective of global domination.

Season 3 Episode 1 focuses on the use and manipulation of social media to further secret agendas, including invention of events, photoshopping, falsifying sitings, you name it.

Season 3 Episode 3 addresses the conspiracy related to genetically modified organism [GMO] based foods. (Can you spell M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O?) The “cabal” is portrayed as the enemy of the masses. However, the populace (that’s us) is warned not to attempt any sabotage of GMO’s. True or not, the powers that be [PTB] want to scare us into believing that we would just be harming ourselves, if we were to attempt. Crackdowns on private water collection in Colorado to difficulties avoiding GMO’s in New Zealand immediately came to mind while watching.

Of course, enemies turning out to be allies, and allies turning out to be enemies, is a running plot device in "The Blacklist." What better to way than to keep the masses guessing, and then second guessing their own theories?

False flag events designed to reignite animosity between the U. S. and Russia, even restart the “Cold War,” and assassinations made to look like accidents to eliminate human obstacles, are more examples of So, what exactly are we seeing in “The Blacklist?”

Are we seeing honest TV producers in Hollywood using their professional rolls to reveal what they believe to be a genuine threat to the global populace? I doubt it.

Are we seeing the PTB reveal bits and pieces of what they are doing, or are going to do, to us, as part of their strategy to maintain control over us? Maybe.

Are we seeing a distorted version of the PTB, in order to distract us, and throw us off the trail of the real global powers? Is part of their strategy to use a television show to emphasize that such a notion of is purely fiction, just like this show is being presented as? Perhaps.

Are we just seeing a very good television show? Well, that is definitely part of it. It is a good show.

My personal belief is that “The Blacklist” is putting out the notion of a shadow government or a cabal running the world as a way of putting the discussion out there, so that they can find out what exactly is and is not known about their operations, so that they can make more informed decisions about how to proceed.

The PTB are aware that we are onto them, and has long since moved onto the next step in damage control, and this step appears to include the creating, writing, and airing of “The Blacklist.”

Then those of us, baited into writing posts like this, because we just could not help it, can be exposed, not to mention be demonized as “nut jobs.”

I plead guilty. The underlying plot of this show simply begs to be discussed.

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