Friday, February 22, 2019

The Misleading Times of Israel

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ כי תשא תשע״ט

Times of Israel: No plans for follow-up police interview with actor Smollett
Lawyers for Jewish entertainer say they’ll ‘keep an active dialogue’ with investigators amid reported suspicions attack was staged
By AGENCIES and TOI STAFF, 18 February 2019

Smollett, who is Jewish, black and gay, has said he was physically attacked by two masked men last month shouting racial and anti-gay slurs and “This is MAGA country,” a reference to US President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. He said they looped a rope around his neck before running away, as he was out getting food at a Subway restaurant. He said they also poured some kind of chemical on him.

Police said Saturday that the investigation had “shifted” after detectives questioned two Nigerian brothers about the attack and released them without charges. Police said they had requested a follow-up interview with Smollett. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Is Jussie Smollett really Jewish? His father apparently is. His mother is African American, but is she also Jewish? I have yet to find any suggestion that she is. Or if she isn't, then did Jussie undergo some kind of conversion process?

The Times of Israel [TOI] couldn't even be bothered to elaborate on its interpretation on what it means to be Jewish. That at least would have been something. 

You see, if the allegations are true, that he hired men to stage an attack, then this reflects on the Jewish People. But, if he isn't really Jewish, then [TOI] has misled the public, and is responsible for this non-Jew's actions reflecting on the Jewish People.

Times of Israel: US rabbinical students plant with Palestinians, sowing rift with Israel
Study program for future rabbis now includes outreach to communities targeted by Jewish extremists, highlighting widening gap between American and Israeli Jews
By ISABEL DEBRE, 19 February 2019

AT-TUWANI, West Bank (AP) — Young American rabbinical students are doing more than visiting holy sites, learning Hebrew and poring over religious texts during their year abroad in Israel. In a stark departure from past programs focused on strengthening ties with Israel and Judaism, a new crop of rabbinical students is reaching out to the Palestinians. The change reflects a divide between Israeli and American Jews that appears to be widening. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Rabbinical students, indeed.

I suppose that HUC, RRC, and JTS ARE rabbinical schools, because that's what they happen to call themselves. Unfortunately, this is just the Western (ie. non-Jewish) mentality of believing whatever people feel.

And who exactly are these "Jewish extremists?" Oh, yeah. Jews who actually care about observing the Torah, and not just creatively interpreting it, making it up as they go along, or rejecting it entirely,...and then calling "Judaism."

These "Jewish extremists" are defending our Divinely-promised land and not forsaking it, defending the Jewish People from terrorism, and not supporting those who support terrorism, even passively.

These "rabbinical students," who not only forsake the Land, like their Erev Rav, spiritual predecessors, but who actually insist on repeating the same mistakes over again, expecting different results. In other words, if we only talk enough with Arab terrorists, then they'll eventually come around.

Come around to what? Come around to believing the Western progressive culture is the superior culture. Hmm. Sounds racist an culturist to me, not allowing Ishmaelites (Arabs/Muslims) to have and to embrace their culture. Whereas, these "Jewish extremists" are understanding and accepting,and thus tremendously more respectful, of Ishmaelite culture than these so-called "rabbinical students."

There are various categories of Jews who operate against the Torah. The Ramba"m lists and describes them in his Hilkhoth Teshuvah (Laws of Repentance), chapter 3: koferim, apikorsim, minim, meshumadim, etc.

The "Conservatives" certainly know who the Ramba"m is. They love to interpret creatively his Moreh Nevukhim to justify some of their perspectives.

However, as the late Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l suggested,... none of these Jews, associated with these "movements" they call Judaism, is knowledgeable enough even to be an apikorus.

They all probably just have the status of ketinoq shenishba (like a captured child raised by goyim). I wonder how many of these students are actually Jewish anyway. They may not be culpable for their transgressions here. But, the damage they do the Land of Israel, the People of Israel, and their attacks on the Torah of Israel should not and cannot be ignored.

And, TOI could not be bothered to put this this term in quotation marks or explain what it means by the term.

TOI is right about a couple of things, though. There IS a widening gap between American and Israeli Jews. We Israelis live on the front lines; Americans live in a bubble of Western assimilation.

TOI "journalists" are not actually being objective, as they might like you to believe. Rather, they are giving legitimacy to these liberal (ie. anti-Torah) perspectives.

Apparently, pandering to a broader audience to increase profits is more important than telling the truth.


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