Wednesday, March 31, 2021

חג לא כשר ולא שמח: חיסונים בכפייה / A Non-Kosher and Unhappy Passover in Israel: Forced Vaccinations

ג׳ חוהמ״פ תשפ״א
English follows the Hebrew.
YNET: הקופאית שסירבה להתחסן תשלם לשופרסל הוצאות משפט
בית הדין קבע כי מדיניות הרשת, שהוציאה את העובדת לחל"ת, סבירה • שופרסל: ימי הבידוד עלו 14 מיליון שקל

מאת ליטל דוברוביצקי 29.03.21

בית הדין האזורי לעבודה בחיפה דחה בקשה שהגישה עובדת שופרסל נגד הרשת, שבה היא מבקשת למנוע מהחברה את הוצאתה לחל"ת על רקע סירובה להציג בדיקת קורונה שלילית כתנאי להצבתה בעבודה. בית הדין הטיל על הקופאית הוצאות של 2,000 שקל. עוד עלה מההחלטה כי הרשת נשאה בתשלום של כ־28 אלף ימי בידוד לעובדיה שעלותם כ־14 מיליון שקל, ולמרות המאמצים שעשתה כדי להקטין את התחלואה בקרב עובדיה, רבים חלו בקורונה, ומתחילת המשבר עד 21 במארס 2021 היו 7,866 מקרים של כניסת עובדים לבידוד אצל כ־4,500 עובדים בקירוב.
עשר אגורות ():
הקופאית הזו אפילו טוענת שהיו לה בעיות כשהיא קיבלה חיסונים בעבר.

בית המשפט פסק: לא משנה.

עוד זכויות לעובד בוטלו. עוד זכויות לאזרח בוטלו.

עוד בית עסק שצריכים להמנע מלקנות ממנו.

ואסור לשכוח את הדעה של לפחות ח״כ אחד (וכנראה של עוד ח״כים) לגבי חיסונים בכפייה:
"בוודאי שאפשר לכפות"
YNET: Court upholds retailer's decision to furlough employee refusing virus vaccine, testing
Haifa labor court rules Shufersal's policy to ban workers refusing to comply with safety measures from company premises was reasonable, citing health concerns

Lital Dobrovitzky | 03.29.21

The Regional Labor Court in Haifa on Monday upheld a retail chain's decision to furlough an employee after she refused to either get vaccinated against COVID-19 or present a negative virus test on a regular basis.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This cashier even claims she had problems when she was vaccinated in the past.

The court ruled: It doesn't matter.

More labor rights were revoked. More civil rights revoked.

Another business that we should be boycotted.

It is also incumbent upon us NOT to forget the opinion of at least one newly re-elected Member of Knesset (and that of probably many more) regarding forced vaccinations:

"Of course we can force" [vaccinate]


Yakov Butterfield said...

In Israel we can now celebrate "Israel Apartheid Week". The Vaccine Passport is the new Apartheid just like living in South Africa from 1948 - 1990s. Without the Green Vaccine Passport you are a 3rd Class citizen. It is just like what the Blacks suffered through. You can't work, go to Malls and so on. It is time for a real active Boycott of ANYONE who supports the Green Vaccine Passport. Scream "DISCRIMINATION"! Post on the BDS sites. I am sure they will love it. Anything that gives the Ministry of Health Grief if good. Force them to get rid of the Vaccine Passport.

Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what else we can do besides boycott.

There are more and more businesses who are "lax" in enforcing the regulations. Let's face it. We don't like being told what to do. We are a stiff-necked people. And sometimes we can use that for good. Haredim, leftists, general anti-Bibi, I don't care who's protesting. B"H there are still those who are fighting for true justice and the right to express their opinions.

I'm happy to see less masks outside, and there is a sign the Ministry of Health will eventually cancel the Green Passport requirement for gyms and certain events.

I'm sure you already saw האם הדרכון הירוק רמז לדרכון גלובליסטי עתידי? / Israel's Green Passport: A Sign of a Future Globalist Passport? and the Apartheid photo posted there from a demonstration in Tel-Aviv.

Here is another photo from that protest, comparing the Green Passport to a particular system of tattoos from the past.

moshe said...

This whole 'covid' is part of the global agenda and that Israel was one the first to join up to inject its people, we, the Jews, is probably the greatest chet of these times. They created the medina for the so-called purpose of bringing back the Jews to their Land, so we would be a free people after 2000 years of galut, but it appears, it was for nefarious reasons.

Esser Agaroth said...


I think what you bring up is worth a much longer conversation than us commenting on a blog.

No doubt you raise important questions about the motivations for the founding of the State.

"Zionism" is on my list of topics to address here, what it is and what it isn't.

Stay tuned!

moshe said...

Moadim L'Simcha:
Esser, looking forward to reading the post you plan on writing!

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