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How The YeSh"A Council Thugs Celebrated Israeli Independence Day

4 of the Second Month 5768

My sources tell me that there was a major poster war during the recent nights of posting announcements for Yom HaAtzma'uth (Israeli Independence Day) events in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea & Samaria).

The war was between publicizing a "Land Of Israel Supporters event in the destroyed town of Homesh in the heart of the Shomron near Jenin, and a YeSh"A Council-sponsored event in the mamlachti town Migron, just north of Jerusalem.

Layers upon layers of posters over posters, from the back and forth coverage, could be found throughout the Shomron. In between were the Jonathan Pollard posters struggling for space. My sources tell me that if there was a choice between covering up a YeSh"A/Migron poster with a Pollard poster versus covering up a Homesh poster, it was a no-brainer.

The YeSh"A/Migron poster got it.

Important rabbis, unafraid to express Torah truth, even if means criticizing the Israeli Goverment, could be found in Homesh. They included Rabbi Yisrael Ariel (Sanhedrin, Temple Institute), Rabbi Dov Lior (Qiriyath Arba-Hevron), Rabbi Gadi Ben-Zimra (Ma'aleh Levona), Rabbi "Dudi" Dudekevitch (Yitzhar).

Where do you think my friends were?

This year's Yom HaAtzma'uth preparations did not go unmarred by the typical violence and suppression of free-speech expected in Yehudah and Shomron.

Yet, this time around it was particularly disgusting, as it was perpetrated [openly] by the YeSh"A powers that be, and their thugs....

Translated from the website:

"The Land of Israel: Continuing On and Proudly So"
Violence In The YeSh"A Council
Wed., 2 Iyyar 5768 (5/7/08), 6:19 PM

Pinhas WallershteinPinhas Wallerstein of the Yesh"a [Judea, Samaria, & Gaza] Council leaders violently attacked three minors who were putting up posters near Ofra. The posters attacked the YeSh"A Council and its agreement regarding [the removal of some of] its strongholds.

Vallerstein ripped up the posters, and with the aid of three security personnel from Ofra, struck the minors, broke into their vehicle, and stole about 2,000 posters.

The minors demanded that he identify himself, but he refused, and was identified by the residents of Ofra who were also there.

They are currently checking into the filing of a complaint with the police regarding the attack and the theft.

They were putting up the following poster:


3 years after Gush Qatif

3 years after the great exercise in deception at Kfar Maimon

Once again, the YeSh"A Council collaborates and participates in the expulsion of Jews.

In Mevo Horon, the YeSh"A Council, together with the town administration uprooted the stronghold adjacent to the town.

In Beth Yatir, the YeSh"A Council, together with the town administration destroyed caravans (mobile home/trailers) in its stronghold to the south.

The YeSh"A Council calls us out to march in Migron on Independence Day, and at the same time it says, "these days in which they talk about destruction and evacuation...." when they themselves are participants in activities destroying Jewish towns!!!

Including attempts to convince the people of Migron to move to the town of Adam (Geva Binyamin).

The call to come to march in Migron is an empty display of the struggle which in fact puts the pressure on to help Migron willingly.

We should not fall into this trap!

Stop the agreement [to remove] strongholds!

Go out into the open spaces!

Establish new settlement points!

Land Of Israel Youth
Land Of Israel Faithful

The second poster distributed, and which can also be found at the link above, basically states that the Independence Day Parade by Migron (the mamalachti town closer to Jerusalem than Ofra) is a joke, and is really its funeral procession.

Defense Minister Ehud Baraq has said previously that he plans to move the community this summer.

Today some of the Lard Of Israel activists paid the Migron event a visit....

Activist Groups Clash in Migron

( Supporters and opponents of the Yesha Council clashed Thursday during a rally in the community of Migron. Police arrested two activists who were involved in the fighting.

Thousands of Israelis streamed to Migron on Thursday to show support for the town, which the government has threatened to destroy this summer. Members of the Loyalists to the Land of Israel, lead by Daniella Weiss, began distributing pamphlets accusing the Yesha Council of “assisting in the expulsion of Jews” through its support for the voluntary evacuation of some Jewish towns in exchange for official government authorization for others.

Fighting broke out when members of Loyalists to the Land of Israel began shouting during a speech by Yesha Council head Danny Dayan. [Daniella] Weiss later said she felt it was important to interrupt Dayan in order to publicize the Yesha Council’s tactics. [Yesh"a Council Head Danny] Dayan said the Yesha Council was doing what was necessary to strengthen Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, and would not be deterred by violence.

Same old YeSh"A Council hypocrisy, ,...and the mamlachti (state loyal religious) sheep going to slaughter,...but not before they hug the soldiers.

"Ahavath Hinam"
(unconditional love), conditionally applied.


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