Monday, April 03, 2006

He's Out!

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Tazri'a-Messora 5766

Daniel Pinner
Who is Daniel Pinner?

Daniel Pinner is a Jew living in Israel, the Jewish Homeland. He is lover of God, Torah, Am Yisrael (The People of Israel), and Eress Yisrael (The Land of Israel). He is an electrician. He is a musician. He is a good neighbor. And, I would be remiss if did not mention that he is loves his dog.

Where is Daniel Pinner?

Well, until a couple of days ago, Daniel Pinner, was sitting in an Israeli prison. Baruch HaShem! Daniel has been released, pending the out come of his appeal, which Supreme Court Justice Edna Arbel believes may be successful, due to the faulty evidence presented in the prosecution's case!

Now, how is it, you may ask, that Daniel Pinner, a Jew living in the Jewish Homeland, a lover of God, Torah, Am Yisrael, and Eress Yisrael came to sit in prison?

Well, after Daniel's release, he was literally whisked off to sit for an exclusive television interview in Jerusalem. So, click on the link, and your questions will be answered.

TV Interview With Daniel Pinner Daniel Pinner: Exclusive Television Interview
Leil Alef d'Rosh Hodesh Iyyar 5766 / April 27, 2006
(Archived for one week following the air date)

Daniel Pinner Released From Prison! Daniel Pinner Released - Exclusive Interview
by Moshe Ben Israel
Alef d'Rosh Hodesh Iyyar 5766 / April 28, 2006

Daniel was kind enough to do the interview in Hebrew as well, found on the Voice Of Judea Hebrew site: קול יהודה Please pass this link onto your Hebrew-speaking friends.

Needless to say, the atmosphere in our end of K'far Tapu'ah was filled with positive energy, both at celebrations Thursday evening and Shabbath, coinciding with the two days of Rosh Hodesh Iyyar.

Shabbath Dinner and subsequent Oneg Shabbath was filled with song, jokes, and countless vignettes of prison life, and how to survive it.

Shabbath was great fun, and full of happiness and gratitude to have Daniel Pinner back. But, he's not out of the woods yet! We cannot afford to be confused about this. Last Thursday, for whatever reason, Justice Arbel chose logic, and released Daniel, pending the appeal of his case.

Let us pray that Daniel's appeal will be successful, and his freedom secured. Nothing could be worse than having to return to prison, not even the distasteful inconvenience of mandated community serivce or probation could possibly compare with more prison time. May he be exempted from all of the above!

Let us also pray that Jewish lovers of HaShem, Torah, Am Yisrael, and Eress Yisrael will never again suffer at the hands of not only non-Jews but of the un-Jews.

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