Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Leftist Demonstration: Different Code, Same Old Message

24 of the Twelfth Month (Alef) 5771

Last Saturday night in Kikar Tzion (Zion Square), Downtown Jerusalem, there was yet another hate demonstration.

The demonstration was supposedly Against Racism. Yet, that was simply another code phrase for "Anti-Torah/Anti-Religious." I say another, because there have been quite a few over the years. I reported on one last May, which proclaimed that "Zionists Are Not Settlers." This code phrase should be self-explanatory. About a year ago, there was one about "Religious Pluralism," the code phrase at that rally for "We hate Haredim."

These demonstrations conveniently begin, just barely after Shabbath goes out. Religious Jews could not possibly get there to counter protest. Often, they begin with an unofficial march, from here to there, on Shabbath itself, saying "Look at us! We're exercising our 'democratic right' not to desecrate Shabbath!"

There were several signs carried at the demonstration, including what appeared to be the primary one,the most representative of the demonstration.

כן לציונות ודמוקרטיה
לא לפאשיזם וגזענות

Yes To Zionism And Democracy
No To Fascism And Racism

Let's take these points one by one.

Zionism is about Israel being the homeland for the Jewish People, and for Jews to move from all over the world to live here, not Arabs, not goyim from the Ukraine, not Black Fake-Hebrews, not foreign workers and their children.

Zionism is actually a Torah idea, the ONLY justification for the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel, certainly not something invented out of the blue in the mind of Hertzl.

By the demonstrators own definition, this Torah concept is"racist." Thus, they are against at least one aspect of the Torah.

No surprises here.

Democracy, on the other hand, is not in the Torah. Sorry, Mamlakhtim (undying State loyalists) and Modern Orthodox, it's not. So, do yourselves a favor, and stop living in a fantasy world.

Besides that, we live in a Land controlled by those who believe in such "democratic" ideas as…

"Pluralism," which to them means accepting diverse opinions,…as long as they are not too divergent from ours.

"Free speech," which to them means freedom to express only those opinions which are similar to ours.

"Equality," which to them means "All animals are equal. But, some animals are more equal than others." (George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10)

We, here in Israel, do not live in a Democracy; we live in a DeMOCKracy.

Fascism? Well, I would certainly like to see a stop to fascism, too!

However, we live in a Land controlled by those who believe that the [almighty] State comes first, everyone must contribute to the State, be indoctrinated into serving the secular, Western acculturated State, even if you do not agree with its activities. After all, those in the Israeli government know better, and their activities are all for our own good.

Private, religious schools are considered dangerous, and rabbis getting detained for questioning, or even arrested, for teaching and writing about ideas, which challenge the authority of Israeli law. In other words, those who consider HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One, Blessed Be He), and his Torah to be a higher authority than the State are considered to be insurgents.

The government has replaced the centrality of HaQadosh Barukh Hu and his Torah, with its [holy] State. It even usurps the individual, and his individual pursuits.

Sounds like Fascism to me.

Racism Let's take a look at who the real racists are...

Iraqis who came in the 1950's lived in tents for many years, and were treated like crap.

Morroccans, on the other hand, were welcomed into Israel, that the could fight in the army. Iraqis were welcomed into the army, too, of course.

Rav Avraham Yitzhaq Kook ztz"l had previously warned the Yemenites who were already in Israel to stay in the small villages, because the Eruv Rav is coming, and they should avoid its influence. To whom was Rav Kook referring? The [secular] Russians (Oroth HaTorah, ch. 2). When those Eastern Europeans were in control of the young state, the Yemenites arriving were told they did not need religion anymore, because they were now in Israel. Their lack of college degrees did not do them any service, in the eyes of those in control. Their years of yeshiva study was certainly meaningless, as well. They were considered primitive, one of the code words for "not Western," "not like us."

In the 1980's and 1990's, Jews from the Former Soviet, and later non-Jews wanting better financial opportunities, lived in Absorption Centers, while Ethiopians, many of them religious, lived in trailers. (Meanwhile, back in Ethiopia, members from the so-called Reform Movement were causing problems by telling the Ethiopians that they did not have to, and thus, should not do. But, I digress…)

The [non] Jewish Agency sends representatives to recruit actively goyim in the Ukraine, who maybe have one Jewish grandparent,…maybe not (more votes in Israeli elections for the Left, that way). Of course, the [non] Jewish agency claims that it does not make policy; it carries out the policy of the government.

Jews in Yemen living lives of hell DO get rescued, but only when popular outrage rises to a point that even the government can no longer ignore.

The children of foreign workers get free education, and are now looking forward to special residency status, if not citizenship, (God forbid!)

The Left was outraged by the recent protests against Arabs dating Jewish women, even though many secular, and politically moderate, Jews participated. Yet, even the so-called Reform Movement came out against such dating practices. You see? Even they don't want their daughters to be hold up, without any contact with family, and beaten up by Arab husbands.

The good news is that this protest, relative to previous Saturday night protests, was not very well attended.

The bottom line is that these demonstrators are for Zionism and Democracy, when they get to define the terms.

Likewise, they are against Racism and Fascism, when they are the ones pointing the finger.

Hypocrisy and double standards as usual.

The bottom line is that it is the same old message, dressed up with rotating code words and phrases.

They were demonstrating against the Torah and against the Jews who observe it.
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