Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Good News For Israel! Bye, Bye, Infiltrators!

19 of the Twelfth Month (Alef) 5771

There were several bits of good news in this new report from last night.

Number 1 was that the Sudanese migrants are leaving,...well, many of them, anyway. Additional bits of good news are numbered below.

YNET: Israel To Fly More Sudanese Migrants Back To Africa

Over 100 infiltrators set to board flight en route to homeland 'for fear of imprisonment.' Interior Ministry: They want to leave

Yael Branovsky, February 22, 2011

A flight carrying more than 100 Sudanese infiltrators is expected to depart from Ben-Gurion Airport Tuesday night en route to an unnamed country, from which the refugees will continue to their homeland.

A third of the migrants who are scheduled to be aboard the fight are children. "We are going back frustrated," one Sudanese refugee said, adding that the group agreed to leave Israel for fear of imprisonment.

The Interior Ministry said the infiltrators are leaving "of their own volition."
So, who's telling the truth? Eh. They're probably both lying. The Sudanese are just upset, and know they lost a good thing. I am disappointed by the government (as usual), which should have just said, "Not our problem. Let all those other Muslim countries worry about you." At the very least, it could have said, "The people do not want you."

Those are the next bits of good news...

2. The Israeli populace really did not want those refugees here. There were several protests around Israel, as well as complaints filed by various municipalities.

3. The Israeli Government actually followed the will of the people. Hey! How about that?!
The Sudanese refugees said Israeli officials have tried to convince them they are returning to a "more rose-colored reality." Some of the refugees were even given driving lessons ahead of their return home.

In a recent referendum, southern Sudan's residents voted to succeed from the north, which is ruled by dictator Omar al-Bashir.

One of the migrants, whose wife and two children will board the plane en route to Africa, said he was not sending them home out of patriotism. "My employer fired me when he discovered I was working illegally. I'll stay here and try to find work so I can send them money. My children don’t have anything to do here in Israel," he said.
So, he's just going to find another job, and work illegally? What does THAT tell you about these "refugees?"

How dare that Israeli fire him for that! (sarc.). Wait a minute! What was he doing hiring him in the first place??!!

4. Anyway, "his children don't have anything to do here," and...

5. Leftists have yet to find him, in order to help him enroll his children in school, and get them entrenched in the Land, like the children of foreign workers.
About two months ago 150 Sudanese infiltrators, including 49 children, returned to Africa on the third such flight in 2010.
6. YNET actually calls them "infiltrators." Kol HaKovod to YNET! You know when YNET has the guts to call them the politically-incorrect term "infiltrators," against the sensibilities of the EU, UN, and American ultra-Left, most Israeli citizens believe them to believe them to be the same.
The operation was organized by the Christian Embassy in cooperation with the Prime Minister's Office, Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry.
7. This is a mixed bit of news:
a. The Christians are good for something,... I suppose.
b. On the other hand, we shouldn't be taking any hand outs from those sneaky avodah zarah-ists.

Now, if we could only get the government to get rid of all the foreign workers, the Black Fake-Hebrews, and all the other undesirables.

Fat chance!


Miriam Woelke said...


As far as I heard, every Afraican going back to Africa is being paid off by our goverment. So, why shouldn't they take this great offer, as they don't want to integrate into Israeli society ?

Daniel Ben-Shmuel said...

It is great news, albeit on a small and ultimately ineffectual level. Many leftists are afraid of the Sudanese. The Black-Non-Hebrews (I've borrowed your term) are exotic oddities to the elitists of Tel Aviv and Haifa. They never visit the slums of Dimona (or Mitzpe Ramon for that matter) so what the hell do they care about these usurpers from Chicago? The Sudanese are everywhere and this frightens them. Typical liberal hypocrisy. When the terror hits their own backyard, suddenly they become hawkish.

Ben-Yehudah said...

MW, I'm glad they want to take the offer, and that Leftists aren't successfully preventing them from leaving. I'm glad they don't want to forge yet another autonomous, non-Jewish entity within Israel. I heard that some Christians are footing the bill, or part of it.

DBS, Yes, you're right.

BTW, you might be interested in checking out each other's blogs.

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