Friday, April 08, 2011

What's Bothering The Jerusalem Post?

Erev Shabath Qodesh Parashath Metzora 5771

On Monday, The Jerusalem Post reported:

Report: Israel Faces "Existential Threat" Of Becoming A Religious State

Ben Hartman, April 4, 2011

Israel is on its way to becoming a religious state - a reality that would pose a threat to its survival, according to a report released by [Prof. Arnon Soffer of] the University of Haifa on Sunday.

The report, entitled "Israel 2010 - 2030, on the Path to a Religious State," examines the demographic factors set to change Israel in the coming years, through a comparison of the religious, haredi, and secular and Arab birthrates in the country.

The report concludes that by the year 2030, the majority of Israel's Jewish population will be religious - a reality that could lead to several different results, including an increase in poverty, the annexation of the West Bank settlements, and Israel's deterioration into an anti-democratic country....
Sounds like very good news to me!

The potential increases in unemployment and unemployment certainly need to be addressed.

Nonetheless, we should rejoice in the author's last two "fears" listed. Yehudah & Shomron (the so-called West Bank) should have been annexed ages ago, and democracy should only be seen as a temporary management solution, until a proper, Jewish government can be established. For all those of you in galuth (diaspora), both physically and spiritually, this may come as a shock to you, but democracy is a Western concept, not a Jewish one. A king or Nassi, Sanhedrin, and local batei din (courts) are the basic components of Jewish government, not the throwing of major decisions to the fate of the masses' so called "majority rule."

Absolute equality among all? This, too, is a Western notion, not a Jewish one. A Yisra'el may not do a job, designated by the Torah exclusively for a Kohen; a woman may not perform certain duties which only a man may perform; a Jew and a non-Jew do not have the same halakhic (Jewish legal) status, nor does a Jew who keeps misswoth (Torah commandments) vs. a Jew who does not.

Just yesterday, the same Jerusalem Post reported:

Jewish Nationalism, No Democracy, holds Top Place For Israel's Youth

New book reveals radically opposing views among Israeli Arabs and Jews

Ruth Eglash, April 3, 2011

Jewish Nationalism - and not democracy - emerged as the most important objective for Israel's youth in 2010, according to research featured in a new book by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, published last week.

Entitled All Of The Above - Israeli Youth: Identity Paradoxes, the book...includes research carried out last summer on the attitudes and beliefs of some 1,600 young people - "both Arabs and Jews" - living here.

The article comes off as if it is reporting bad news. Quite the contrary! This is good news!

In spite of the Israeli government's attempts at anti-Torah indoctrination, even in the mamlakhti datti (MaMa"D: state religious) schools, the sparks of these teens' Jewish souls are glowing brightly, and overpowering the strong influences to stay assimilated within Western/non-Jewish culture.

The "Israeli" populace clearly senses that something is not quite right with the world and its government, which was established to protect it, and to encourage it to flourish.

The average Israeli youth on the street knows that something has got to give, even if he is not quite sure what that is.

Hey! Maybe try living like a Jew instead of a goy for a change?!

Aside from the constant bombardment of rockets in the South, it has certainly been a week of good news.

Maybe this coming Pesah, we will finally be free.

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