Monday, April 18, 2011

I Warned You About Christian Infiltration In Israel, And You Would Not Listen!

Erev Pesah 5771 1,000 Evangelists Want to Convert, Make Aliyah to Samaria

Gil Ronen

A group of about 1,000 American Christians want to convert to Orthodox Judaism and make Aliyah to Israel. Specifically, they seek to make Samaria their home.
MK Lia Shemtov (Israel is Our Home), who is involved in the initiative, told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service that the Christians are all members of a single large community who decided to move to Israel, convert and serve in the IDF, after realizing that they feel a special bond to Israel.

Are these Christians aware that one must give up Christian theology in order to become Jewish? That includes believe in Yesh"u (May his name and memory be blotted out), in any way, shape or form.

Shemtov said that the group requires special treatment because it wishes to make Aliyah first, and then convert. Otherwise, it could have been absorbed simply based upon the Law of Return, which grants citizenship to all Jews, converted or Jewish-born. (Read the entire article...)

And why should they be given special treatment?

The article does mention...
Asked whether the Christians' request could be part of an unstated plan to change Israel from within, Shemtov said she thinks it is not. Most of the applicants come from evangelical families that support Israel in action and assist it financially, she said, but the group's members have gone a step further in requesting giyur. In the past - so they told her - they believed that the Nation of Israel should be strengthened only so that one day it would accept Christianity. However, they now believe in the coming of the Messiah as it is predicted in Jewish tradition.

Nonetheless, they should be treated with suspicion. All of their connections should be checked. Are they connected with the Ortiz or Waller Families in Ariel? Are they willing to condemn their actions? Are the willing to condemn Christian missionary activity in Israel, and around the world? Do they realize that as converts they will not be considered a member of any tribe, and thus not entitled to any land? There are already many Christians posing as descendants of Efraim and Binyamin, hoping to grab some of the Land when the U. S. falls (their belief). Members of K'nesseth look the other way, and apparently so does the Binyamin Area Council.

I am appalled at how this article paints this story as something positive, when it should have painted it as something worthy of extensive investigation only, especially when a violation of halakha is suggested, the allowance of ovdei avodah zarah (practitioners of foreign/forbiden worship) to settle in the Land.

The welcoming of goyim to convert is a Western, non-Jewish concept, adopted by Leftists. Worse yet, their are nuts out there, claiming to be religious Jews, who are chasing after goyim to convert!

Anyone ruled to be a kosher convert by a valid Beth Din (Rabbinical Court), should be welcomed with open arms, and treated a heck of a lot better than converts are generally treated. But, until then, those mentioned in the article should welcome the scrutiny like so many former Christians have, before them.

With the recent infiltration by Christians, feigning conversion in order to settle in Israel, and work to missionize Jews from within, we must be particularly scrupulous in the examination of prospective converts.


Ariel ben Yochanan said...


I think to water down the Jewish identity of the so called "Jewish" State is State policy. Just like the so called "Jewish" Agency imported milions of Russian goyim into the Country, so now they try their luck with xtians. I predict violence over this. See

JIDF said...

Shared on Twitter.

Esser Agaroth said...

JIDF, Thanks. Write what you will about me, just make sure to spell my name and blog name correctly, and provide a link.

I'm interested in knowing how you presented it, though, just RT'd, or with comments. What comments?

Devash said...

The self-described "Jew" who is assisting this group was still an active messianic as recently as a week ago. This group is "famous" for its "Spies Report" in which they claimed that as "lost tribes Israelites" they had repented of Xian Idolatry, i.e. abandoned the Catholic trappings added onto the "Jewish roots" of early xianity and now the Jews have to repent of their rejection of the "Jewish messiah." Same old, same old.

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