Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Y-Love?! Why?!

5 of the Fourth Month 5772

Well, now that things have calmed a bit, after the heavy fallout from Afro-Ortho-Jewish entertainer Yitz Jordan (AKA Y-Love)'s "coming out of the closet," I believe I will now take the opportunity to chime in with my Esser Agaroth (2).

Wait a minute.  Did I actually say heavy fallout?  My mistake.

A handful of people chatted about it on Facebook, and then that was it.  Maybe there was some discussion on gay forums.  I wouldn't know.

I mean,...seriously. As my friends from Hollywood, and surrounds, might say,

"Coming out as a gay, Orthodox Jewish man?  It's SO '90's!"

So, Y-Love, why did you come out?

Was it to prevent teen suicides, letting religious, Jewish teens that they are not alone?  That would, indeed, be an honorable intention.  One third of teen suicides are believed to be related to struggles with sexual issues.

Are you also taking the opportunity to publicize the importance of keeping Torah and misswoth, even though you are gay?  Keeping Shabbath, Kashruth, Tefillin, Tefillah...  all are important misswoth.

Are you also publicizing the importance of refraining from engaging in the serious averah (transgression) of anal sex with other men?

Or maybe, you just needed some publicity to jump-start your career?
"Publicity, darling. Just publicity. Any kind is better than none at all." 
-Rhonda Far, 1933

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” 
-Oscar Wilde, 19th C., GAY novelist

So,...what am I doing, writing about this, adding to the publicity?

Why to חאפ אריין, of course!  I want some o' that publicity, too!


Y-Love said...

You are right on a couple fronts. Obviously I came out to put visibility to LGBT Jews, to let LGBT Jewish kids know that they are not alone, and to try to make the world a better place for LGBT people -- as I've been doing with racism this whole time.

Every artist wants PR. Obviously. And also, no rapper has ever come out mid-career. And about the anal sex thing that's actually going to be a whole treatise I'm working on.

Esser Agaroth said...

Hi, Y-Love,

Thanks for chiming in.

Just FYI, there is a crucial "anal sex" justification which was going around for a while, but just doesn't wash using "halakhic logic."

You may want to check it out:

Whateva'! I do what I want!"

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