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Can Israel Win A War Against Iran? (or Syria? or Hezbollah? or anyone?)

ערב שבת פר' בראשית תשע"ג

I heard a very good interview, which I recommend to everyone in Israel who can understand English, and to EVERY Jew, living outside of Israel.

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviewed Barry Chamish (August 22, 2012)....

Say what you will about Barry Chamish, but before you say anything at all, please consider two things:
1. Barry is the author of Who Killed Yitzchak Rabin?  Most everyone in Israel, from left to right, religious to secular believes that we do not know the full story behind the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin in 1995.  Even Rabin's own daughter, former Member of Knesset Dalia Rabin-Philosof (Labor) believes that the full story behind her father's death has yet to be revealed.  
2. One Jerusalem rabbi said it all, when he stated...  
"Even if Barry Chamish is only 5% correct, we are still in big trouble."

It's hardly a stretch to consider Barry Chamish to be at least 5% correct. Personally, I believe he is correct a heck of a lot more often than Jews want to admit.  Denial (not just a rive in Egypt) just seems to be a lot more comfortable for them He's almost like the mythical character of Cassandra, who had the gift of prophesy, yet was also cursed, in that no one would ever listen to her.

In this interview, Barry asks questions that no one seems to be asking besides him:

"Can Israel win (or survive) a war with Iran?  And, what about Hezbollah?  Thoroughly unstable Syria?"

This interview was a month ago, so I will add to this list Egypt and Jordan.  Hopefully, Jews and everyone else in the world have learned that nothing is off the table, when the Middle East is concerned.

In addition, many in the various, independent media communities love to make comments about Zionists, and all the "evil" they are responsible for.  Finally, Barry Chamish comes along to provide the only response that anyone might listen to, not the usually whiny and co-dependent "hasbarah" crap.

He points the finger, and, in my opinion, he point the finger at the correct people to blame, the so-called Labor Zionists.

Labor Zionists include the late-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhaq Rabin who gave the order to shoot, killing fellow Jews on the Alta Lena, Ehud Baraq, who when he was prime minister, wanted to throw 1,000's of Jews out of their homes, 12 years before the expulsion from Azza, our own illustrious, Vatican collaborating, President Shimon Peres, and last but not least, the "right-wing" clothing, current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  You remember, don't you? He's the one who didn't revoke Israel's agreement to the Oslo Accords, when he said he would, auctioned off Hevron, Jericho, and Azza, before any leftist had the chance, and who refuses.

Why is it that so many Jews, calling themselves "Zionists," are anything but?!

But, I digress...

I will conclude this diatribe with the e-mail I sent to Barry.  Do not forget to check out Barry's website, nor Barry's books @

Hi, Barry, I heard your interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot, from August. It was great! It was even better "hasbarah"* than anything I've heard from these co-dependent "Please accept us, world!" Hasbarahniks.

The difference? You weren't afraid to point the finger. These Hasbarahniks want to portray this "All you need is love" mentality, and it's going to get us all killed, whether by outside forces, or by their naivete, the gov't's indifference to everyone living outside of Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Hertzliyah Pitu'ach and K'far Shmaryahu ("Limosine Liberal," "We know better that you!" neighborhoods and towns), or all of the above. And, in my opinion, you pointed it in the right direction.

I believe that Ben Hecht's "Perfedy"* also backs up your premise about the Labor Zionists wanting to bump off religious Jews, no?

You did more to battle anti-Semitism (Let's call it what it really is: anti-Jewishness) in one hour than most could do during the span of a fancy week-long convention with a 24-hour, Kosher leMehadrin buffet. ;-) I'll try to write it up when I can.
Shannah Tovah!  May the coming year be better than the last one! 


*Hasbarah - Heb. propaganda (politics), publicity, information; explanation (

**"Perfidy" - A play about a court case in Israel, exposing the plot to leave for dead, the religious Jews of Hungary after World War II.

***After all, Arabs are also "Semitic" people.

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