Friday, October 26, 2007

The Cult Of Rabin

14 of the Eighth Month 5768


See if you qualify for membership in the Rabin Cult:

Altalena1. a. Who ordered the shooting of the Jewish freedom fighters coming toward the Israeli shore on the Altalena? b. Who bragged about the attack on the Altalena while at a reception in Washington, DC?

Shimon Peres2. Whose foreign minister secretly engineered the Oslo Death Accords, and when he found out allowed them to continue anyway? (Hint: The Oslo Death Accords included the commitment on the part of Israel to arm Arab terrorists?)

3. Which evil person was transformed into a martyr, in order to further the anti-Israel, Leftist, post-Zionist agenda of self-destruction?

4. Which former Israeli prime minister was opposed to the formation of another Arab state side by side with Israel?

Well, if you answered Yitzhaq Rabin, then you will NOT be allowed initiation into the cult, because your brainwashing has not completed. Before proceeding, you will need to go back for "re-education" in an approved setting, say for example, an Israeli public school. And, no it does NOT matter if it is a religious school or not, as long as it is not "Torani." The Torani schools emphasize the importance of Torah, confusing students with the possibility that the Israeli government is not infallible, and thus have been deemed "unacceptable."

Seriously though, and even setting conspiracy theories aside, the creation of the Legend of Rabin is one of the great triumphs of the Israeli government. It has successfully rewritten history under the noises of five million Israeli citizens, as well as the rest of the human population.

They have taken a man complicit in murder and have transformed him into a saint.

Now, in all fairness to Rabin, rumor has it that before his death, he was actually starting to to see the light, preparing to recant on his policies destructive to Israel. Assuming that was true, it was most likely because actually realized that in order to get re-elected he might have to listen and to implement the will of his constituents.

If this was true, then this remotely positive glimmer of hope was covered up,

Cult Rituals:

Israeli public schools put on elaborate assemblies to commemorate the anniversary of Rabin's death. The entire day is spent on discussing Rabin's "vision of peace," via the gradual destruction of the State of Israel and Jewish identity of Israeli citizens. Children discuss how [even though the Arabs have never kept a single peace agreement] the next time a peace agreement is signed with the Arabs, they will surely honor it, and the killing will stop. Israelis are to take the higher ground, demonstrated by their continual willingness to make concessions and to tolerate the deaths of its citizens,...all for the sake of peace.

This Peace Is Killing Us!

This year the number of activities, such as religious and right-wing bashing were reduced. Striking high school teachers refused to return to work, despite calls by Minister of Education Yuli Tamir for a one-day suspension in honor of Rabin's anniversary of death.

Eight years ago, as a junior high school teacher, I had the displeasure of being forced to attend a ceremony in Rabin's in honor. At this ceremony, I had to listen to a "rabbi" had the hutzpah (gaul) not only to praise Yitzhaq Rabin, but to use his name in the same sentence with Rahel Immeinu, whose anniversary of death is the day before his. This "rabbi" did not stop there, but made comparisons between the two.

And this was in Beth-El, a town where an entire neighbor of residents was prevented from entering their already finished apartments, due to Israel's concession of a housing freeze. Fortunately, and I am not at liberty to reveal the details even now, the apartment owners were able to bypass the guarded fence, and enter their apartments on a Thursday. Why Thursday? It was almost the weekend. By Sunday they had lived in their apartments for three days, which under Israeli law gave them limited squatters' rights. They had fought fire with fire, and the government was powerless to evict them. If only that were the case today. But, nowadays double standards are the norm of the Israeli judicial system.

But, I digress...

The commemoration was interrupted periodically by "Second Intifada" shooting in next door Ramallah. In fact, can you imagine what it was like to teach with refular shooting in the background. The student who lived around the corner in Dolev and Talmon were found space in the high school dormitories, so they would not have to face daily dodgings of bullets, nor the increase in two hours to the commute. For a while, anyone leaving Beth-El was not allowed to do so without waiting for the IDF escorted caravan.

Current President Shimon Peres probably would have reassured us that those were not the guns that we gave them. They were obviously different guns.

One of my fellow teachers brought a sefer to study, an early example of "refusing orders." Instead of standing attentively, he made a point of learning, explaining to his students that the ceremony was nothing less than Bitul Torah.

I did not have the foresight of my colleague, and was relegated to recounting some of Rabin's deeds, that were omitted for the "rabbi's" speech. If they were post high school students I would have challenged them to find me a source which stated that it was a misswah to praise such a man, and to commemorate the anniversary of his death. (Begin with the Ramba"m, and I assure you that you will find the opposite.)

Those eighth-graders of ours are now in the army. Let's hope that our examples are remembered when they are faced with the decision whether to follow or to refuse orders which are contrary to Torah law.

A few years later, at a different school, I encountered a preferable approach. The elementary school where I then taught made the requisite Rabin memorial display, and set it up in a visible, yet clearly non-prominent corner. I do not recall any memorials at that school. If there were, then they were not memorable.

The yeshivah high school where I was also teaching at the time must not have done anything at all in commemoration of Rabin. The math teacher and I came across the Rabin memorial educational materials from the ministry, still in their sealed packaging, hidden away in a corner. I was given the honor of throwing them out. Being the voice of environmental conservation, I raised the question as to whether it was permissible to re-use the curriculum's high quality containers, as well as the backs of the paper materials themselves for scratch paper. The decision was to be mahmir, and to throw the packages out in their entirety. Under most circumstances, it is forbidden to obtain any benefit from avodah zarah. ;-)

Recently it has also become customary to fast on the anniversary of Rabin's death, actually having the hutzpah to place this observance on the same level with the Fast of Gedaliah (I wonder just how many Rabin Cult members actually fast on the Fast of Gedaliah.) Cult clergy have also ruled that weddings are not to be performed on this day. However, weddings on Shabbath and marriages to non-Jews appear to be acceptable within cult guidelines.

I am really NOT kidding about this. Please click to see the report on the Israeli news site YNET.

Those who are truly righteous adherers to the cult, perform full prostration in front of Rabin's image, and preferably at the site of his death next to Tel-Aviv City Hall.

Jameel Rashid at The Muqata captures this ritual beautifully on film, with accompanying commentary on Rabin-related rituals. (Jameel just gave me permission to post the photo here. Please still check out his commentary.)

A picture truly does speak more than a thousand words....

Even after my extensive research into the Cult Of Rabin, I still have one question: How do they get away with commemorating his Rabin's death both on the Hebrew date and on the non-Jewish date? My hypothesis is that the cult masters are transitioning their followers from Judaism to pure cult worship, realizing that these things take time.

Sometime soon, I expect that the 12 Heshwan date will be phased out in favor of a singular day with pomp and ceremony on 4 November date, albeit more pomp than ceremony.

On that day, the surviving version of Rabin's "vision of peace" will have achieved its fulfillment: A de-Judaification of the Jewish People and de-Jewification of the Land of Israel. The former Jewish People will now be able to take its rightful place, fully assimilated into European society, following the new heirs to the throne, Yossi Beilinand Avraham Burg, waving our EU passports in joyful unison, with our new "bottle top" shaped kippot blowing away in the wind or tucked away in our pockets, our fifth exile having begun right under our noses.

May God forbid it. May God save us.


Additional commentary can be found at the Israeli Satire Laboratory. It may be "satire," but it is really not so far away from the developing reality.

Rabin Canonized Posthumously by Israeli Secular Church of Peace

12 Settlers Burned at the Stake as Israel Marks Saint Rabin's Day

See more on the Altalena at Shiloh Musings:

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Also, special thanks go to A Simple Jew for leading me to the Altalena article linked above.


Batya said...

Thanks for the Shiloh Musings link.
But a small correction re: the Altalena. If I'm not mistaken, Ben Gurion commanded the attack and Rabin was "just" the commander of the Palmach troops who carried out the evil deed.

In recent years, the most I've seen in the Beit El hs has been a small memorial stand. I've never been required to attend any ceremony.

Esser Agaroth said...

BG did give the orders for the operation. Rabin gave the actual order to shoot. He bragged about it later, and his wife Leah mentioned it in her book.

A Simple Jew said...

Thanks for your link!

Daniel said...

Just like the civil war reenactors there should be yearly reenactments of the Altalena murders. People can put on Rabin masks and fire upon survivors swimming to shore.

Hillel Levin said...

Saturday evening
Ten thousand people were in memory of Rabin
Over a hundred thousand at Rachel's Tomb
People still sane
What do you think will write tomorrow Tomorrow the papers and talk radio programs

Esser Agaroth said...

Still sane? Maybe. Then why do we continue to allow the insanity to go on around us?

Tomorrow's papers?

Lies, of course.

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