Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Rabbi of the Exile, Keeping the Jew Down

ט"ז לחודש תשע"ג

I used to be proud to have been a member of a Young Israel community. But, after watching this video on Parashath Balaq, I am not so sure. This video was sent to me by my friend Ariel of The Torah Revolution, who introduced it with the following:

"Anything can be and will be read into Torah."

Richard Weiss, Young Israel of Hillcrest
IsraelNationalTV (Arutz 7)

I am truly appalled.

This insane galuth (exile) mentality, the mentality which is found just as much among the Modern Orthodox as the Haredim, non-frum, and secular, maintains my pessimism that the 80% of Jews stuck in the galuth of Edom will not make it out, just like those same 80% didn't make it out of Egypt. When will we ever learn?

How did Arutz 7 ever allow this on its channel?

The "rabbi" needs to open his eyes, and then go learn halakhah (Torah Law). Everything he said about "innocent civilians" in based on a Western assimilationist galuth mentality, not halakhah.

Yes, rabbi, halakhah is not just about "kashrus and shabbos shailos," divorce or contracts. It is an integral part of every aspect of a Jew's life, including how to run a (proper) Jewish government, how to run a (proper) Jewish military in a (proper) Jewish country.

I suggest that you begin with the Ramba"m's Laws of Kings and their Wars, an UN-censored version, if you please. Focus on the parts related to a milhemeth misswah (obligatory war). Don't understand why this is shayakh? Back up two paragraphs where I suggest that you "open your eyes."

Then you may want to review the mashal of Shimon and Lewi and Shchem. Whether you prefer the Ramba"m's explanation or the Maharal's, the residents were all subject to the death penalty, due to violations of the 7 Misswoth B'nei No'ah,... are the Yishma'elim, albeit worse: not setting up proper courts AND murder of Jews. 

Then, you may want to review the last part of this parashah, the part where the politically-correct, infiltrating, practitioners of avodah zarah, are subjugated to politically-incorrect, capital punishment, resulting in the (politically-incorrect?) diffusing of HaShem's anger.

How is praising the IDF [leadership] for doing a half-ass job, pulling out when the goyim tell them to, and repeating the process all over again? Don't you see that the Arabs have learned long ago how to use this pattern?

You want to save lives? You want to save non-Jewish, Yishma'eli lives, as well as Jewish lives? Then support the IDF in doing the job right for once, quite possibly for the first time since Yom HaKippurim תשל"ד/1973. 

Then bring all of Young Israel of Hillcrest to Israel, further sending the message to the Yishma'elim that the Land of Israel, the ENTIRE Land of Israel belongs to us, and even Jews from Queens are coming to claim it!


Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - Couldn't have said it better!

Devorah Chayah said...

Powerful. Good job!

Batya said...

This post has been included in the newly revitalized weekly  Havel Havelim. Please visit, comment and share, thanks.

Shy Guy said...

For sale: Hillcrest Young Israel rabbi, needs repairs. NOS.

Esser Agaroth said...

ABY, Thanks!

Devash, Thanks!

Batya, Thanks!

Shy Guy, Yeah,... Who knows, maybe he'll wake up.


Shy Guy said...

NOS=Not On Shabbat


Esser Agaroth said...

Got it! ;-)

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