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Happy 90th Birthday, Shimon Peres!

ערב שבת קודש פר' בלק תשע"ג

OMG! Babs came to Shimeleh's Birthday Bash!
Mike Myers as "Linda Richman" on SNL, fawning over Babs
*Creative text inserted by Esser Agaroth (2¢)
"Singer [Streisand] criticizes ultra-Orthodox attitudes to women before scheduled performance at Israeli president's 90th birthday gala."

Shimon Peres's Birthday extravaganza wasn't political, eh?

That was just one of Babs quips, thus far during her tour of Israel. One friend commented that, "See? Every Jewish celebrity likes Israel, deep down inside."

To which I responded, "Barbra Streisand loves Shimon Peres. That's hardly the same thing."

I even heard that Sharon Stone, also in attendance, is involved with a "peace" organization which insists that Arabs recognize Israel's right to exist.

How nice of her! (eyes rolling) But, no, she did not cross nor uncross here legs. Rabbi David Stav, FORMER candidate for Israeli Chief Rabbi apparently made a point of not being on stage with her at the same time (Jameel @ The Muqata). What he was doing there, fawning over Peres in the first place, that's what I would like to know!

Nevertheless, co-dependents may commence slobbering over Sharon Stone now.

So, basically, if you throw in a not-so-hidden political agenda (carving up Eretz Yisra'el, throwing huge pieces to the dogs, and encouraging the assimilation of Jews into Western, secular "progressive," elitist culture). then you have one big Hollywood party, transported to Israel. With or without the cocaine supplied in the second soap dish in the bathrooms, I cannot say.

Of course, that's just gross speculation on my part. And, I am sure that I have absolutely no proof whatsoever that this is the case (eyes turned upwards).

So, much for the a-political, symbolic role of Israel's President! Actually, that went out the window when Peres was first elected to the position. The fact that most every Israeli is in deep denial about it, only makes the situation all the more,...disturbing.

Here is my version of the invitation to such parties. The video is only 2 1/2 min., and is a MUST WATCH!

From South Park "Hell On Earth" S10 E11, 2006

"Loser?" Interesting choice of words, don't you think? Peres has been referred as such more than a handful of times. Actually, it is said that the previous Gerer Rebbe cursed Shimon Peres with the following:
"He will always find water, but never be able to drink it."
Peres then proceeded to lose his next three (or more?) elections. How was the curse was broken? I do not know, but perhaps former President Moshe Katzav, who narrowly beat Peres for the Presidency in 2000, 63-57, and was forced out of office before the end of his term, due to accusations of sexual misconduct and worse, may be able to tell us. Just a suggestion...

Wikipedia: In 2003, on a visit to Italy, he [President Katzav] demanded that the Vatican restore treasures allegedly brought to Rome after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

I guess he fell on the wrong side, from those who are chummy-chummy with The Vatican (A-hem!), or rather, the right side. But, that couldn't have anything to do with his being deposed, could it? Hmm...

But, I digress...

If you want the best low down on Shimon Peres's Birthday Partée, then read Varda Epstein's account, When You Don't Like The Birthday Boy (Times Of Israel).

...Why don’t I like Shimon Peres, you might ask? It’s this: he has Jewish blood on his hands....

That was just a snippet. But, I am sure you can see why I encourage you read the entire piece.

And what has Shimon Peres been up to lately?

Franciscans Honor Shimon Peres  (Veterans Today)
Israeli President Shimon Peres visited Italy for 3 days in early May, 2013. His visit was a predictable betrayal of the Jews, beginning with his new Franciscan “peace” award:”

Barry Chamish

...The mayor of Assisi, where hundreds of Franciscan monks live, will present its first-ever Medal of Honor for Peace to President Peres for his “unique contribution to dialogue and the cause of peace.” At the ceremony he will receive the Medal of Honor for Peace and will be greeted by “hundreds of Franciscan monks” at the central Basilica, according to an official statement.

Those who know Peres acknowledge his, honestly, psychopathic need for medals and awards, to the point of bribing the Nobel committee for a prize:

Hmm... Oslo Accords? Nobel Peace Prize awarded in Oslo?
A possible connection?
Last week, Yoav Yitzhak, in the wide circulation newspaper Maariv, revealed that Peres gave Terje Larsen, the UN Middle East representative, $100,000 to secure him a Nobel Prize. This week, David Bedein, writing in Makor Rishon, applied the coup de grace. He interviewed a member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Kaare Kristiansen, who not just confirmed the bribe but described Larsen’s pressure on the committee in full detail.

But accepting made up accolades from the Franciscans is utterly insulting to anyone with a modicum of understanding of recent Jewish history....

President Peres receives a gift from Pope Francis I
(avodah zarah blacked out)
The Vatican, April, 2013
...No sooner had Bergoglio taken office, than Peres invited the new pope to visit Israel, asking him to contribute to peace as a spiritual, rather than a political, leader. He’ll be a welcome guest in the Holy Land, as a man of inspiration who can add to the attempt to bring peace in a stormy area,” Peres said.”All people here, without exception, without difference of religion or nationality, will welcome the newly elected pope...” (All people? I guess that doesn't count me, or any other sane Torah-observant, non-co-dependent Jew. Maybe Peres cant show the Poop his new "seat," along with the various other pieces of Jerusalem he now possesses.)

Now why would Peres offer such a deceitful invitation? Could it be because:

Peres Raises ‘World Capital’ Solution for Jerusalem JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Shimon Peres, the head of Israel’s opposition Labor Party, has suggested resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem by putting its holy sites under U.N. stewardship, a spokesman said Tuesday.

His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem’s old walled city as a “world capital,” with the U.N. Secretary-General serving as mayor. (What did I tell you? Carving up pieces?)

To those who understand the perfidy of the Israeli President, they recall his royal welcome to the previous Nazi pope:

Israeli President Shimon Peres appears to be hypnotizing Pope Benedict XVI.
Francis’s predecessor Benedict XVI visited the Holy Land and met Peres in 2009. CARDINAL RATZINGER WAS THE “PREFECT OF THE CONGREGATION”, THAT IS, THE CHIEF INQUISITOR.

Ratzinger = Rat + Singer
In a remarkable coverup, the fact that nazi youth member Yosef Ratzinger voluntarily joined the Wehrmacht and willingly risked his life for Hitler, somehow escaped the notice of the truly dumbed-down Israeli people, except for an outraged Dr. Daisy Stern...

My only regret regarding this article is that I cannot post all of it. I highly recommend clicking on the Veterans Today link to read it in its entirety.

Peres with pal, terrorist and murderer of Jews, Arafat
Peres to Claim ‘Overwhelming Majority’ Favor 1949 Border (Arutz 7)
President Peres reportedly plans to tell Arab leaders that most Israelis favor a return to 1949-1967 borders.

If this is not the big fat lie that it certainly appears to be, then someone was playing around with the statistics, and including Arabs in the group he calls "Israelis." Fortunately, one MK appears to have at least a margin of sanity....

Minister Landau: 1967 borders are 'Auschwitz borders' (YNET)
During Cabinet meeting focusing on Kerry's efforts to jump start peace talks, tourism minister repeats Abba Eban's famous statement regarding possible Israeli withdrawal from West Bank. Minister Peretz: Any peace deal would involve land swaps (Is Peretz really still around? Oy!)

Hmm...may more than one MK has the ability to access some sanity. He is also one of the MK's who has bothered to read Israel's Basic Law, including the part about the Israeli President being a predominantly SYMBOLIC role....

Steinitz: Peres is Not a Spokesman for the Government (Arutz 7)
President Peres does not represent the Israeli government's views when he calls to resume peace talks, notes Minister Yuval Steinitz.

MK Moshe Feiglin also appears to be sane. throwing disruptive Arab MK's (Arab MK's?!) from the K'nesseth, without fear of repercussions, and then "showing us the money." That is, the missing money, which turns out, went toward paying for all of the consequences stemming from the Oslo [Death] Accords:

Yesterday, with much pomp and circumstance, we celebrated the birthday of the person responsible more than anyone else for the direct loss of approximately one half trillion shekels from Israel's treasury. That is in addition to much more severe security and political damage. It is important to understand that Israel's political problems can be solved at much less cost than what we are already wasting on Shimon Peres' "peace" industry. When our starting point is that this is our Land, it all becomes easy. People really liked the facts and figures that I provided in my Knesset speech on the costs of the Oslo Accords. Here they are, compiled by analyst Uri Noi:

Cost to Israel of the Oslo Accords:
1. Money transfers to the Palestinian Authority: 86 billion NIS (since Oslo- M.F.) and an additional 4.53 billion NIS annually.

2. General Security Service: 2.85 billion NIS and an additional 1.5 billion NIS annually.

3. Border Police in Judea and Samaria: 13 billion NIS and an additional 0.7 billion NIS annually.

4. IDF in Judea and Samaria: 57 billion NIS and an additional 3 billion annually.

5. Security guards everywhere: 68 billion NIS and an additional 3.57 billion annually.

6. Bypass roads: 20 billion NIS and an additional 1 billion annually.

7. Separation Wall: 4.7 billion NIS, one time expense.

8. Murder victims: 3.5 billion NIS in loss of productivity.

9: Defensive Shield Operation: 14 billion NIS, one time expense.

10. Loss of revenue from tourism: 129 billion NIS and an additional 1 billion annually.

11. Decrease in price of land for housing. Zero in the meantime.
In all, the Oslo Accords cost the Israeli public 423 billion NIS for Judea and Samaria alone. In addition, they continue to cost the tax payers 15.3 billion NIS annually, with no end in sight. Since the Oslo Accords were signed, instead of spending $500,000 on every Arab family that could be convinced to emigrate, we have spent $750,000. This sum is constantly increasing.

My friend Eliyokim Cohen, is also sane. He expresses, on the newly launched website, what I think the [real] majority of Israelis believe:

I am so sick of hearing the word peace...Stop making me puke (Jews News)

Of course, Shimon Peres doesn't really believe in peace; he believes in "piece."
Esser Agaroth (2¢) Definition of Peace:
1. Jews from around the world coming to live in their only true homeland, Israel, striving to live by the Will of the Holy One, Blessed Be He, by His Torah, while the rest of the world also wakes up to belief in the truth, His Torah.

2.This includes goyim who are permitted according to halakhah (Torah Law) would stay; goyim who are not, would not. Torah justice will be exacted against our enemies, regardless of its political-incorrectness, nor how the goyim will respond to it.

3. Being proud to be a Jew will no longer be a crime, nor cause for embarrassment.
Shimon Peres does not believe in anything close to this, quite the opposite in fact.

Ask these people, and their families, about the Oslo [Death] Accords:

Click the image to see the faces of all those killed since Oslo.
And, who could forget this infamous video, after losing re-election as Prime Minister to Binyamin Netanyahu in the 1996?

Sorry, no video. It has mysteriously disappeared. How 'bout that? If anyone finds this clip, please contact me. It is truly a classic!

Anyway, I found the quote on Binyamin Netanyahu's Hebrew Wikipedia page (conspicuously absent from Shimon Peres's Wikipedia page). The incident went down, something like this:
Losing against Netanyahu, Shimon Peres responds to a journalist's question after the elections: 
Journalist: "Who lost?"
Peres: "The Israelis."
Jounalist: "[So], who won?"
Peres: "The Jews"
So, in other words, in Shimon Peres's mind, there is a difference between "Israelis" and "Jews."

I guess that means that there are those who have a long, or even very long, way to go to being indoctrinated into the "carving up Eretz Yisra'el, throwing huge pieces to the dogs, and assimilating into Western, secular, "progressive," elitist culture," and those who have a very short way to go, if they aren't already there.


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