Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Israeli" Arabs in the News

י' לחודש הרביעי תשע"ג

Arutz 7: Arabs Attack Home in Beit Shemesh, Part of Ongoing Harassment
A Beit Shemesh family was forced to cower as Arabs attacked their home with rocks. It's just the tip of the iceberg, a resident said

David Lev, June 16, 2013

"The Municipality of Beth Shemsh"
"My city; the municipality for me"
Rock throwing is not a problem faced just by Jews in Judea and Samaria, or even in Jerusalem. It's now a problem in many cities throughout the country, with the latest incident occurring in Beit Shemesh. According to a resident who spoke to Arutz Sheva, Arabs attacked his family's home with a barrage of stones Friday afternoon, causing them to take cover for fear of a potential “lynch.”

“Arabs threw three good-sized stones into our living room on Friday afternoon,” said the resident of an older neighborhood in Beit Shemesh. “One of them hit a pergola on our porch as our children were playing under it.” (cont.)

Arutz7: Jerusalem: Arab Youths Attack Jewish Children
Two Arab youths attacked 10 children, burned holy books and the Jewish flag.

Gil Ronen, June 17, 2013

Two Arab youths attacked a group of Jewish children in Jerusalem's Homat Shmuel (Har Homa) neighborhood.

About ten Jewish children established a play encampment near the neighborhood, where they played and studied Torah after school.

The remains of the children's play encampment
(Photo Credit: Hezki Ezra)
Sunday afternoon, two Arab youths arrived on the scene, attacked the children, causing bruises to two of them. They tried to throw one of the children into the wadi but failed.

The remains of the children's holy books
(Photo Credit: Hezki Ezra)
The Jewish children ran off and the Arabs burned their encampment, including holy books, and an Israel flag. They also threw a bicycle that one of the children had received for his bar mitzva into the flames.

The boy whose bicycle was burned told Arutz Sheva, “We are not afraid and we hope the police will take care of them. We will rebuild the encampment.”

A member of the Homat Shmuel directorate said that he expects police to be “more assertive” in cases like these.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Odd that these two incidents occurred within a couple of days of each other. 

How many like attacks are not reported? How many of the reported attacks actually make the news?

The State of Israel LOVES statistics, and being "creative" with them. The State likes to make a distinction between "acts of terror" and so-called "criminal acts," just like it likes to make a distinction between Pseudostinian ("Palestinian") Yishma'elim (Arabs) and "Israeli" ones.

If a Jew is terrified, it is an "act of terror;" if a crime is committed, it is a "criminal act."

It seems to me that these two distinctions are actually very much intertwined. Can one really happen without the other?

Is there really a distinction between a Pseudostinian Yishma'eli with an orange colored identity card and an "Israeli" Yishma'eli with a blue colored identity card?

There are Pseudostinian Yishma'elim who want to annihilate us, as well as Pseudostinians who would like to stay out of the way, if not leave the area all together.

There are "Israeli" Yishma'elim who want to annihilate us, as well as "Israeli" Yishma'elim who would like to stay out of the way, if not leave the area all together.

The State of Israel would like us to believe that there is a distinction. When up for re-election, prime ministers and members of K'nesseth can cite their "statistics." "Crime" may be up, but "terror" is down.

Seriously, do they really think that we are that stupid? Are YOU that stupid?

The kids from Har Homah (Homath Shmu'el) would like to rebuild. Great attitude.

But, will their parents help them? Or will they just expect the police to be "more assertive?" Or, will their parents try to stop them? 

Will the police arrest them?

I suppose we will never know the answer to these questions, unless we are somehow able to dig through the State of Israel's statistics.

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