Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Religious Jews Fenced In: The shape of things to come? (Photo Essay)

ד' לחודש הרביעי תשע"ג

Welcome to the Israeli Police State....

Modestly dressed, Jewish women come to pray at the Kothel (Western Wall).

However, only certain people are allowed in, with the excuse that others must protected. T-Shirts and blue jeans, with or without a kippah (male head covering) are acceptable.

Sleeveless blouses and short skirts are acceptable. These are in line with the Erev Rav controlled, Israeli government's designs to assimilate Jews into the West, its values and sensibilities, its clothing, its people's names, its Tower Of Babel languages.

Un-Jewish police officers lock arms to prevent young women from entering the Kothel area. The supposedly "brainwashed" and "oppressed" young, religious women, are here to assert their rights. Yet, those rights are cast aside, for the sake of those who fit the bill of the Erev Rav's proper, "progressive" citizens, citizens who are loyal to it.

Showing deference to the Torah, when Israeli Law clashes with it is unacceptable. Settler teenagers, who hold the authority of The Almighty and His Torah above the Israeli government, are already being rounded up for "RE-Education," by an Education Ministry, headed by a man wearing a kippah, no less.

The photos certainly appear to be a rounding up of their own.

Only one question remains. Are religious Jews being fenced in, or fenced out?


Photos are all screen shots, obtained from the JPost YouTube Channel.

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