Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some K'nesseth Excitement! איזה התרגשות בכנסת!

י' לחודש תשע"ג

MK Moshe Feiglin
In this video from , MK Moshe Feglin (Likd-Beiteinu) has to throw out Arab MK's for being nasty.

Surprised? They're such Vilde Hayos!

Having Arabs in the K'nesseth in the first place, is one of several reasons its legitimacy is questionable.

I was actually at a lecture the other day at his office. He mentioned to the speakers in advance that he had to leave early, as he was expected back at the K'nesseth.

I wonder if when returning to the K'nesseth, this was the lion's den he was about to enter.


Then, later in the week, MK Feiglin announced that he found some missing money, a whopping 453 Billion sheqqels! Where did it all disappear to? The Israeli Government spent it as a result of the Oslo [Death] Accords.

(Tip Credit: Life In Israel)

Click for the list of Oslo Death Accords victims.

These Jews spend one hell of a lot more than 453 Billion sheqqels; they gave up their lives.

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