Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New Archbishop of Canterbury Had a Jewish Father

י' לחודש הרביעי תשע"ג

Big deal.

Times Of Israel: The First ‘Jewish’ Archbishop of Canterbury Heads to Israel
Justin Welby’s grandfather fled from Germany; his father bootlegged alcohol, knew JFK and was engaged to Vanessa Redgrave; he worked in the oil industry before feeling a call to God after his daughter’s death in a car crash

Miriam Shaviv June 18, 2013

Justin Welby performing a ritual with his avodah zarah phallic symbol staff.
Ooh! Are those real amethysts? What a rock to hock!
(primary avodah zarah blacked-out.)
LONDON – The father of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, kept many secrets. Gavin Welby never told his son that he had an estranged older sister, or a first wife. He never told him his real birthdate, or the name under which he was born. And, it has emerged, he never told him that he was born a Jew.

“He told lots of stories but one was never really sure what was true and what wasn’t,” Archbishop Justin told The Daily Telegraph, which broke the news to him just days after he was appointed head of the Church of England in November 2012. “He drank quite heavily and, you know, he would say things sometimes when he had been drinking and you did not know what was true or not.

“He wouldn’t talk about his family at all,” he said.

Naturally, the bombshell that the leader of 80 million Anglicans worldwide is a half-Jew has captured the imagination of Britain’s Jewish community. The Anglican Church, by contrast, has so far reacted apathetically, perhaps inured by previous examples of Jewish-Christian clerics such as Giles Fraser, until 2011 Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, who had a Jewish father; and Hugh Montefiore, a well-known bishop in the 1970s and ‘80s, who converted from Judaism in his teens. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
No Jewish mother? Goy gamur (100% non-Jew).

Why did this even warrant an article?

The Prince of Wales speaks with the Archbishop of Canterbury,
The Most Reverend Justin Welby following his Enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral.
(photo credit: AP Photo/Chris Ison, Pool)
Fawning over goyim, seeing what galuthi Jews can get from them, in order to become even more comfortable in galuth.

That's all this was about.


Oh, my! So, he's a REALLY important goy. (eyes rolling)

Listen, Justin, yellow is NOT, I repeat NOT, your color. Please do something about that, would you? Or else I'll have to take you and the entire Anglican Church to the World Court in The Hague, for "Crimes Against Humanity's Fashion."

It certainly doesn't seem to have anything else better to do.

Oh, and I suppose, now I will get hate e-mails from sniveling Jews in galuth, chastising me for insulting his royal goyness, and, first and formost, for daring to use the word "goy."

Bring it on!


Aharon Nitkin said...

So what? I don't understand why you felt this article was important enough to post.

Esser Agaroth said...

1. To emphasize that "Jewish" is thrown around way too much.

2. To emphasize the idiocy of British Jews' interest in this development, regardless of their kippah color and style.

3. To habituate Jews to the word "goy," after they have been brainwashed into thinking that it's a bad word. And even if it is, for them to be able to say "so what?"

4. To point out the Esau is sneaking around Europe, too, not just Yishma'el. Of course, they're not ready to hear that, so that I had to be especially subtle this time, to the point of vagueness.

5. To remind everyone, that we need to have faith in HaShem, not in a human, such as Lapid, Obama, Bennett, Netanyahu, or anyone else.

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