Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Exclusive Report from Belgium! After The Museum Murders (Updated)

כ"ח לחודש השני תשע"ד
47th Anniversary of the Re-Unification of Jerusalem

'Climate of hate’ blamed for attack on Brussels Jewish museum that kills 3
Belgian government to increase security at Jewish buildings, Israeli embassy
Times of Israel staff and AFP, May 24, 2014

(, Australia)
The murder of three people at the Brussels Jewish Museum Saturday afternoon was a result of “a climate of hate,” said Joel Rubinfeld, the head of the Belgian League against anti-Semitism.

Rubinfeld told AFP it clearly “is a terrorist act” as a man had been seen driving up and entering the museum before opening fire inside and running off.(cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, with such a "climate of hate" and "terrorist acts," what the heck are Jews still doing in Belgium?

I asked a Belgian friend of mine...

Hi. know you're in Antwerp, and not Brussels, but.... Is everyone in shock? Or not really surprised? Did Muslims cheer? Take care of yourself!


Hi brother,

Rabbi Meir Kahane
The people here, at least a big part, were quite shocked, there is a big part that just live forward and don't look back but still,... Brussels is not far from Antwerp and the possibility of it happening in Antwerp is being taken very seriously now by the police and the shmira (Jewish guarding) in Antwerp. They kept level 4 of alertness for one week, meaning many schools and synagogues have constant police presence.

I'm not very surprised, Belgium, Holland and France have became a safe haven for extreme muslim organisations like Sharia for Belgium etc. these are people that suck on hatred and are able to operate as they want. I walked in the area of the muslims and I didn't really see them cheer with banners and stuff but I'm sure that some of them at home were having a good laugh while talking about this successful attack.

There is only one person that was right, HaRav Kahane ztz"l hy"d.


Jews can be just as numbed out here. Whenever there has been an attack here, there's high security for a while, and then it goes back to what it was. Very frustrating!


This friend of mine and I have already discussed the possibilities of him moving to Israel plenty. So, I did not bother to repeat my noodging of him, during this correspondence. I believe that he will come eventually.

I pray that all other Belgian (and British, and Dutch, and Danish, and Swedish, and Ukrainian, and South African, etc.) Jews with get the message already, and begin their journeys to Israel, before it is too late!

May it be His Will!

Update: (June 1, 2014)
It seems they have caught the guy. It's not 100% sure but he looks exactly like him and had the same rifle that was used in the terror attack, at least good news.

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