Friday, May 16, 2014

Guest Post: Eliraz Fine: What Is Really Killing Our Soldiers?

ערב שבת קודש פר' בחוקותי תשע"ד

Eliraz Fine was arrested for allegedly inciting against soldiers during settlement expulsions. Here is her response:

What’s really killing our soldiers?
Eliraz Fine, May 16, 2014

(Translated from the original Hebrew, posted on Kol Yehudi, by Eliezer Ben-Avraham)

"Caricature of Eliraz Fine"
by Elhanan Ben-Ari

Imagine that you observe the following:

A man is sprawled out helpless on a table. On top of him is another man with determination in his eyes who is holding a knife covered with blood that is penetrating into the first man’s chest.

It takes no genius to recognize that this is a murder and it’s even clear who the murderer is.

Now imagine the same picture, just add the following details:

The situation is occurring in a sterile room filled with sophisticated machinery. The man with the knife is wearing light blue scrubs and his determined look occurs right as he attempts to make a precise incision.

Suddenly our suspected murderer has become a doctor trying to save a life…

The only thing missing in our original description was context. Similar to our doctor story, my now famous words were interpreted without a full understanding of the reasoning behind them, the context in which they were made and without any regard for the tone that was used.

This is exactly how the Israeli media manages to brainwash us citizens every day- and not just on this matter…

I could clear my name by telling of my dear uncle who was killed in the Yom Kippur War and about all my family and friends who were dedicated soldiers, but at the end of the day my love of soldiers is not the issue.

There is a gigantic lie that must be exposed and people should be aware of it!

Tzipi Livni made headlines by comparing Hamas to Yitzhar because she has an interest in hiding the fact that in practice it is her failed peace negotiations that led to the release of terrorists and strengthened the hand of Hamas. It is our soldiers who will have to fight against these freed terrorists and their hands will once again be tied in the name of the ridiculous “purity of arms” and false “morality” of the radical left.

Decision makers in the army watch the soldiers from a television screen, while the Central Commander Nitzan Alon remains concerned with signing administrative expulsion orders against Jews as our soldiers continue to be pelted with stones and Molotov cocktails. The media will not bother to inform you that Nitzan Alon’s wife is a member of “Machsom Watch”, an organization that harasses soldiers at checkpoints and prevents them from inspecting potential terrorists.

Writers, intellectuals, and professors call settlers “Neo-Nazis” and then go on to explain that the Israeli soldiers are even worse…

The media continue to publish distorted stories of violence in Yitzhar and other settlements directed against soldiers just to get people to write in the talkbacks, “Expel the extremists!” Yet in a few years when Netanya, Ra’anana and Kfar Saba are suddenly within range of terrorist rockets, the media will see to it that you fail to understand how it happened.

The mental preparation for the next expulsion began a long time ago and we have forgotten how similar words were written 8 years ago only about different settlements. Sadly, my friends here in the Yitzhar town council and Gershon Mesika, the head of the regional council have also fallen for this trick.

Don’t be deceived!

Remember who is really fighting against our soldiers! Who is it that slanders them in front of the world and prevents them from defending our people and our land?!!

Who is primarily concerned in the welfare of the enemy and who wants to give them a state that will be a base for launching attacks against our children and our soldiers?!!

In the end, one day it is the settlers being roasted by the media and the next day it’s the soldiers-everything according to the interests of the left-wing media establishment attempting to erase all forms of Jewish identity and Jewish unity from the Land of Israel.

After 7 days under house arrest at my parents, I have returned to Yitzhar.

From here, out of this little caravan we send a blessing to our beloved soldiers! Continue to protect Jews everywhere with pride and G-d will protect you from all those that wish to harm you! Both from the enemy on the battlefield and from the traitors who want to use you as a police force against your fellow Jews.

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