Sunday, May 25, 2014

Police Violence at King David's Tomb!

כ"ה לחודש השני תשע"ד

This eyewitness report came from the Kalashnikover Rebbe, this morning at 5:00 AM:
King David's Tomb is officially Judenrein!!!

Using harsh violence and even charging the crowd with their guns drawn!!! Zionist forces have succeeded in clearing the entire compound of King David's Tomb of Jews!

Including ripping the Diaspora Yeshiva students out of their dorm room beds!

Notice the Haredi probably Chabadnik Yasamnik (riot police officer) in the last pictures. 

I'm sure both King David and the Rebbe are shepping much nachas from him... 
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Judenrein, meaning absent of Jews, is a term which was commonly applied to areas during the era of Nazi Germany, ysh"w.

I believe that most important, yet most underrated, aspect of the protests on Mt. Zion against the Pope this morning was the demonstration of unity among various Jewish communities!

(Photo Credit: Kalashnikover Rebbe)
Faces were greyed out for their protection.

(Photo Credit: Kalashnikover Rebbe)

Faces of Israeli police were purposely NOT greyed out. Is that a kippah he is wearing????
Absolutely Disgraceful!!!

(Photo Credit: Kalashnikover Rebbe)

(Photo Credit: Kalashnikover Rebbe)


Dov Bar-Leib said...

Due to the devaluation of the US Dollar since the sub-prime bubble popping and financial collapse, Esser Agaroth is now closer to 3 cents worth (2.87 cents to be exact) than to 2 cents worth. Is this evacuation of Diaspora Yeshivah permanent or only effective until Monday night or Tuesday morning?

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks for writing, and helping to encourage the inevitable death of the dollar.

I suppose I should edit the "value" of my blog... One of these days.

The K-Rebbe (from above) just informed me that we have yet to have any definitive answer. The assumption is at least by Monday night.

Of course, we all know happens when we "ass-u-me" things.

The positive news is twofold:
1) Even though the police chained the door to Qever David, the lock (somehow, I don't) broke off (probably by accident), and the men were able to daven vathiqin there. The police came back, and were suprised to find them there. מי שמבין יבין.

2) Honenu believe that "illegal" i written all over these actions, even according to the medinah's own laws. And so there are hopes that many lawsuits will come out of this.

I know that it will be a long time before I can expect the medinah to stop breaking its own laws. But, can they at least not be so stupid about it?!



Eitan said...

Slamming those evil Zionists, huh? Isn't it thanks to them that we/you get to live here in this wonderful country? I mean, maybe we shouldn't be living here if we can't be grateful to those who founded it.......

Eitan said...

"Demonstration of unity"--I'm guessing "Zionists" were involved is OK but Zionists themselves aren't...hmmmm....

Dov Bar-Leib said...

So, are the students of the Diaspora Yeshivah back in their dorms? Is there now a church above King David's tomb?

g3nericzer0 said...

i don't see any lubavitchres

Esser Agaroth said...


Good catch.

I decided not to put him in, even though he had sunglasses, because I wasn't sure of his precise group identity, and did not want to mislabel him. Also, maybe he'll to teshuvah!

Stay tuned!

Esser Agaroth said...



Not yet,...


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