Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Pope's 2014 Visit to Israel

מוצש"ק פר' במדבר תשע"ד

Welcome signs all over Jerusalem: Who is paying for these?? Israeli tax payers are!
"Peace Faith Tolerance" - for everyone except Jews, that is!

So far, it appears that the head of the Roman Catholic church, ysh"w, will be coming to Jerusalem tomorrow, not only to disrupt the daily lives of its residents, but to insult us, step on us, encourage the establishment of another Yishmaelite, terrorist state (which he, himself, should know is absent from the Bible)., and possibly prepare to take possession of pieces of our Holy Land.

Do you really think that he, and his minions, have their eyes set only on one floor in one building on Mt. Zion? Guess again....

They want the Temple Mount; they want Jerusalem; they envision everyone in Israel, and around the entire world, under their eventual control.

Worse yet, the Israeli government has been complicit in these endeavors, including allowing him to practice his avodah zarah (foreign/forbidden worship) as the Kothel (Western Wall), while closing off this Jewish Holy site, Jews!

Israeli Postal Service commemorative stamps issued in honor of the Poop's visit,
avodah zarah included! (*censored out for presentation on this kosher site)

Not only that, but the Israeli Government has been shamelessly slobbering over this Prince of Avodah Zarah, and exploiting his visit as support for the government's commitment to "freedom of religious expression." Even though as far as religions go, other than Judaism and the gentile keepers of the 7 Commandments of No'ah, there is absolutely no room for "freedom of religious expression" within the Land of Israel. Such a concept does not exist in the Torah. In fact, it is the exact opposite case scenario which the Torah presents to commands of us.

So, why the hell is this walking, spiritual pollutant being allowed into the Land of Israel, let alone welcomed as an honored guest?

The proper welcome sign for the Poop!
No Welcome!

The following schedule comes courtesy of "Yosele." My Esser Agaroth (2¢) commentary follows. You can see the Poop's itinerary on Tomer Devorah, along with her insightful commentary.

Visit of Pope Francis - Traffic and Parking Arrangements
(21/05/2014 As of 11:52)

On Sunday-Monday, May 25-26, 2014, extensive security measures will be taken that will affect daily life and movement in Jerusalem.

Changes in traffic and parking arrangements:

No parking will be allowed from Sunday, May 25, 2014, 12:00 noon, until Monday, May 26, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on the following streets:
Chaim Yassky, Aharon Katzir, Yitzhak HaNadiv, Derech HaOfel, Ma'ale HaShalom, Hativat Yerushalayim, Yitzhak Kariv, Agron, Gaza Road, Herzog, Zalman Shneor, Shmuel Bait, Betzalel Bazak, Herzl (from Shmuel Bait to Yad VaShem), King George (from Smolenskin to Kakal), Arlozorov, Hanassi, Shlomo HaMelech, Hativat Hatzanhanim, Jaffa Road (from Kikar Tzahal (IDF Square) to Hativat Yerushalayim), Rabaa al-Adawiya, Martin Buber in the direction of the A-Tor neighborhood, Shmuel ben Adaya, Rockefeller Junction, Jericho Road
Any car parked on these streets will be towed by the police to the Gan HaPaamon or Givat HaTachmoshet parking lots. 

Holders of parking permits for Area 8 (Talbiya) will be permitted to park in Area 7 (Rehavia) during the days of the visit.

The Jerusalem Light Rail
The Jerusalem Light Rail will operate normally, except when the motorcade passes near or cuts across the track.

Public transportation
Disruptions are expected on public transport lines throughout the city. For details call *8787.

Sites that will be closed from the morning
The Western Wall Plaza will be for the visitors closed on Monday, May 26, 2014, until 10:30 a.m.

Jews will not be allowed to pray at one of their Holiest sites, so that the Prince of Avodan Zarah can pray to his false deity!

Transport for worshipers at the Western Wall will depart from the Karta parking lot between 5:00-5:30 a.m. and will return from the Western Wall between 6:15-6:30 a.m.

Access for the prayer at the Western Wall during the visit will be allowed from HaShalshelet and HaGai Streets.

Mt. Herzl and Yad VaShem will be closed to visitors on Monday, May 26, 2014, until 12:00 noon.

Updates on traffic arrangements and street closure times will be reported in the media and can also be obtained from the Information Center.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and are doing everything possible to avoid disrupting daily life. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Further information is available from the Information Center at telephone 1-700-553-100, the Waze application, the 106 municipal hotline, the IsraelPolice website and the Jerusalem municipal website.

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