Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Monday! Benefit Concert to Rebuild in Ma'aleh Rehava'am!

י"ח לחודש השני תשע"ד

The announcement in English  follows the Hebrew...

נא להעתיק לחלק ולהפיץ את המודעה הזאת! 

Please copy, share, and distribute this announcement!

This follows the recent, nasty destruction of homes (video) carried out by the so-called "Israeli Defense Forces" [IDF].

Fortunately, there were a couple of soldiers who refused to participate in this vile, and anti-Torah act. They will undoubtedly be "disciplined" for daring to follow the Torah, rather than the "almighty" State! (להבדיל). 

You can show your support for these soldiers by clicking "Like" on the "I Am Also With Legion 50 Not Expelling Jews" Facebook page

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