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#BringOurBoysHome: Torah and Strategy vs. State and Insanity

כ׳ לחודש השלישי תשע"ד

Self-identified, Right-wing, Jewish Blogger wrote to me with...
I don't think its appropriate to write that the #hashtag campaign is nebach. I have two sons in IDF combat units -- and there are multiple ways to fight this battle. It involves different playing fields. We each have to contribute where we can -- and there are thousands of IDF soldiers right now preparing for battle to bring back the boys. We need more unity now, not divisiveness.
To which I responded with the following Esser Agaroth (2¢)...

I have been quite patient with your somewhat disguised, State loyalism for quite sometime now. No more. I couldn't give a rat's tuchus as to how you "feel." If you think what I wrote is either against halakhah (Jewish Law) or the wrong strategy, and state your reasons why, like Shuqi and others have done (see below), then by all means, have a field day.

May HaShem protect your sons. You are a fool, though, if you think that the Israeli Government and IDF leadership actually give a hoot about the lives of any kid in IDF uniform wearing a kippah.

Better a kid with a kippah take a bullet than one of our precious elite, anti-Torah protestors in training from Ramath Aviv! (Some Jews are more equal than others, alla George Orwell's Animal Farm)

And now you know why Moroccan Jews were welcomed to Israel by the Ashkenazi, intellectual, anti-Torah elite. Better that the Moroccans take a bullet than their children.

Those are MY "feelings."

Unity, yes. Unity at the expense of truth, absolutely not. Been there, done that, doesn't work. Oh, and by the way, it distorts the truth. Oh, and yes, belonging to the IDF is not the only way to fulfill the misswoth of saving Jewish lives and protecting the borders of the Land of Israel, as many of the Statist "rabbis" would have you believe.

My point is (since you obviously didn't really read my post) is that the #hashtag campaign is designed to keep us thinking that we are actually doing something, even though we are not actually doing anything at all.

Hopefully, this is also so that the IDF can have everyone distracted so that they can do an effective job. But, only time will tell.

It is a distraction to prevent us from asking questions like:
  1. Why can't boys hitchhike in such areas? Were they warned? 
  2. Is the IDF really allowed by the Israeli government to fulfill its mandate of protecting the Jewish People? Is the Israeli Government sabotaging the IDF and it efforts? 
  3.  Why do we care more about what the goyim think that what we think of ourselves.
  4. Is the State of Israel in the least bit Jewish,...besides the cosmetics and window dressing?
(Then he asked me whether or not I had served in the IDF.)

Not that ol' canard. (eyes rolling)

So, that makes me have less of a right to be critical, because I don't have the experience? Remember, I have not been terribly critical of individual soldiers, and have defended them when they have followed there mamlakhti (undying State loyalist) "rabbis" and violated the Torah, believing that they themselves are not culpable. Brainwashing begins early in this country. IDF basic training is only one of the latter stages in the process.

Shuqi believes that...
[executing an imprisoned Arab murderer every hour the boys are not released is] unrealistic, the government needs to publish tenders for new neighborhoods for as long as the boys are not back home.

California Muscle Jew Boy said...
My dream response would be to blow up some f***ing mosques. That's the only thing they hold sacred

That's [executing an imprisoned Arab murderer every hour the boys are not released] not a good idea. They want us to kill theirs. I think its a stupid plan. Those minarets are their marks of power. You chop those towers down they will cry like babies.

Many Others have asked...
So you're saying the best approach according to Torah is to start killing off Arab prisoners? Why not just invade gaza directly?

Not necessarily, but we should not cower and be afraid to suggest that it is an option.

Despite the depth and scope of evil, there's still a distinction to be made between good Arabs and bad Arabs. 
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Good vs. Bad Arabs. In an obligatory war, there is no distinction. Only those who make a declaration to their leaders that what they are doing to Israel is wrong are exampt from punishment.

Show me a "rabbi" employed by the State, suggesting that we are in the state of an obligatory war, and I'll show you a "rabbi" who just lost his job.

Then I put out a general call...

Why aren't we storming Har HaBayith (Temple Mount)? Instead we're being herded like sheeple into the Kotel (Western Wall) plaza, in order, so that we DON"T storm Har HaBayith.

The main point I wanted to make here in this post is that whether it is a good idea or a bad idea to kill prisoners, bomb Mosques, or wipe out Azza (Gaza), we should not be afraid nor be intimidated from discussing these scenarios as viable options. 

And now, when most so-called "rabbis" are reminded that there is a Torah imperative to Destroy Evil, will they really be able to come up with new and original excuses to convince why this is "not the case," or "not applicable to the current situation," or "only when Mashi'ah comes,..." etc.?
I am not so sure that such rabbis" will be able to.

We have already heard them all.

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