Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dance, Asaf! Dance!

ד' לחודש הרביעי תשע"ה

This video of Asaf Goren's audition for the television reality show, "So You Think You Can Dance" has already been cruising around the internet. But, I wanted to add my take on it.

While I often criticize being like the goyim, seeking acceptance and validation from goyim, I have to say that one of my weaknesses is dance and choreography. We all have them. You give me a break, and I'll try to give you a break about yours.

Although Asaf Goren is a "break" dancer, there is no pun intended here.

And, no. I do not believe that there is any Qedushath HaShem here, or anything like. However, he is wearing a talith (kosher, fringed garment), which is misswah mid'Oraitha (Torah commandment), and thus a good example to be setting in front of the Jewish American public. Just very good skill, and suitable entertainment for weddings, bar-misswah parties, and some holidays.

Whether you or I like it or not, these kinds of events do have the potential to wake up a Jewish American kid or two to his heritage, and to an exploration and discovery of its importance.

Incidentally, the video also features Paula Abdul. Most know about her singing career, highlighted by her skill as a dancer. But, what many of you do not know is that she is also quite an accomplished choreographer. A Jewish choreographer. Plus, the last I heard, this Los Angeles native was moving in the direction of Shabbath observance, at least to some degree.

When Abdul announced on a televised Chabba"d event that she lit Shabbos candles, I believe that was another positive

Here are some locals, break dancing in Jerusalem, off of Ben-Yehudah Street at "The Chess Board." You will see at least one of these kids wearing a talith qatan, with the tzitzith (kosher fringes) hanging out here, too.

I have to say that as low as we have gotten spiritually, I would rather have my son break dancing on a Thursday or after-Shabbath evening, than doing a heck of a lot of other things, I can think of, and/or that I actually did myself as a kid.

Extreme situations often call for extreme measures.

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