Sunday, September 20, 2015

Israel, Where are your Christian Friends Now?

ז׳ לחודש השביעי תשע״ו

Hey, I thought that Arab Christians were now identifying as Aramaeans? I guess not all of them.
Arutz 7: Christian Schools Demand Money - But Salute PLO Flag
Arab Christian schools in Israel strike, rejecting offers and demanding more budget, but videos reveal they teach loyalty to 'Palestine.'

Uzi Baruch, 9/19/2015

Arab Christian schools in Israel have been conducting a strike since the start of the school year, pressing the government for weeks with claims that they have been suffering from discrimination and demanding more funding.

However, an investigation reveals that a large number of the Arab Christian schools are openly supportive of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terror group in their struggle against Israel.

Arutz Sheva has unearthed videos showing students of several Arab Christian schools holding ceremonies with the anthem "Palestine" blaring, and performing skits while wrapped in the PLO flag and the black-and-white keffiyeh made famous by arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, former head of the PLO.

In their strike since the start of the school year several weeks ago, Arab Christian schools have been demanding that the Economy Ministry and Education Ministry significantly increase their budgets.

Those two ministries last week proposed to the heads of the Arab Christian community an additional 50 million shekels ($12.8 million) to their school budgets, to solve the financial crisis that has been delaying the start of the school year.

The Christian schools rejected the offer, demanding an additional 200 million shekels ($51.2 million) instead. (cont. below)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, is Arutz 7 differentiating between Arab Christians and their white, American Christian friends? Sounds racist to me, doesn't it?

Do the white, American Christian "friends" of Israel who want a foothold on our Land differentiate between themselves and Arab Christians?

Why aren't they yelling their support for their fellow Christians, and even demanding equal funding, in the name of "religious equality?"

Why aren't they down there in the trenches, attempting to convinece them to change their ways, reject the Palestinian Authority [PA], and support Israel?

Anyway, what the report lacked, and which could have saved Arutz 7, and its American Christian "friends" embarrassment was a mention of the Vatican. Arutz 7 knows very well the differences proclaimed between their American Christian "friends" and the Vatican. Arutz 7 has even reported on the Vatican's eye on Har Tzion (Mt. Zion), and its various attempts to take it over.

Arutz 7 could have looked into whether these schools were Orthodox or Catholic. The Orthodox leadership has become increasingly public about its pro-Israel stance, including the encouragement of enlistment in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. It is just more attempts to infiltrate and/or "graft onto" us, if you ask me.

If they were Catholic,Arutz 7 could have researched any connection to the traditionally Jew-hating Roman Patriarch of Jeruslem, Rome's representative in Israel and Jordan.

If they were Orthodox, an expose would have been readymade. Of course, it is doubtful that Arutz 7 would have gone that far, risking their "friendship" with American Christians

Many of you may wonder to yourselves, "Don't these Christians read their Bibles? Don't they see that The Almighty gave the Land of Israel to the Jews?"

The answer? Of course they read their Bibles, and see that the Land of Israel was given to us, in other words, past tense.

They do not really give a darn who has it now. They believe that they, both Catholics and American Christian "friends" of Israel alike, are doing The Almighty's will, and not the Jews (חו״ח). Thus, they believe that the inheritance of The Almighty's favor, including Eretz Yisra'el, our Divinely promised Land, has been transferred to them (חו״ח).

Those in the Vatican bide their time, believing that their false deity/messiah will arrive and conquer everything for them, yet also picking at pieces of our Land as they will.

American Christian "friends" of Israel have take a different approach from their forefather Esau (Jacob's fraternal twin brother), "grafting on" to the Jewish People, through bribery and transforming their practices in varying degrees to make it more palatable to their Jewish patrons.

Many even claim to have given up their goals of converting Jews to their foreign worship, believing that will be taken care of for them by the same false deity/messiah the Vatican's empire awaits.

They have the same, mythological texts. They have the same ultimate goals. They have simply adopted different strategies, based on their somewhat different takes on their texts.

Arutz 7 missed the opportunity to differentiate between them, based on their activities on the ground. This is just as well, as all Christians, whether Catholic, Evangelicals, claimants of being from a lost tribe, and those who have infiltrated the Shomron (Samaria) who try to dress like us, and refrain from mentioning their false deity/messiah by name in public, all have the same eventual goals, to bring Jews and other non-Christians to their foreign worship, and to take possession of our Divinely Promised Homeland, either with or without us.

Think this is bad? It is. But, believe it or not, it is not the worst part. Here is the worst part mentioned at the end of the above report:
...All Israeli schools above elementary level are to strike on Sunday for two hours in a sign of identification with the 33 million Christian school students.

The teacher's union above elementary level announced that studies will commence at 10 a.m.
Jewish teachers are demonstrating their "solidarity" with them. So, the leftist union is getting in on the act, too.  Why? To support "religious freedom?" To show the usual support for the Arabs? Solidarity with fellow teachers/soldiers in the Israeli Government's indoctrination forces?

It does not really matter why they are doing ti. It is all the same old, leftist crap, from the frontline pawns in the battle against the Torah.

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