Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Israeli Volunteers Help Refugees Fleeing to Europe

מוצאי יום הכפורים תשע״ו

Times Of Israel: When Israeli volunteers help Syrian, Iraqi and Pakistani refugees
One man who was receiving treatment from IsraAID doctor Tali Shaltiel kept asking, ‘Tell me the truth, is she a Jew?’

Gavin Rabinowitz September 23, 2015

ESBOS, Greece (JTA) — As the small rubber dinghy crowded with Syrians and Afghans emerged from the midnight-black sea to land on a desolate pebble beach, the first people to greet the bewildered and frightened refugees were two Israelis.

“Does anyone need a doctor?” Majeda Kardosh, 27, a nurse from Nazareth, shouted repeatedly in Arabic as the asylum seekers scrambled ashore amid cries of celebration and tears of relief at surviving the short but perilous crossing from Turkey to this Greek island.

Her team partner, Tali Shaltiel, 31, a physician from Jerusalem, stood knee deep in the water, helping a shivering 4-year-old girl out of her wet clothes and a pair of inflatable armbands that would have provided little protection had the overloaded boat capsized at sea.

Kardosh and Shaltiel are part of a small advance group of volunteers from IsraAid, an Israeli non-governmental organization that is trying to provide some assistance to the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who are flowing into Europe. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Well, I expect such a report from JTA (eyes rolling). But, it seems that Times Of Israel is turning into your typical hasbarah (Israel PR) cheerleader, by posting this flowery report of Israel traveling the world to save everyone expect their own.

Gee! Maybe this time the goyim will love us!

Well, they didn't love us after Haiti relief, Nepal relief, Turkey relief, Philippines relief, etc., save for a few handpicked snippets. However, misguided Jews will insist that it does not matter what we get out if it, and even claim that this some kind of manifestation of being "A Light Unto the Nations," one of the more overused and distorted phrases from Tana"kh.

Would you like to be a "A Light Unto the Nations?" Then how about following our own rules? It's called the Torah, you know? Part of the Torah includes allowing non-believers to succumb to the fate which The Almighty has dictated for them (Mishneh Torah, Hil. A"Z 10:1).

I am still not sure how Afghans and Pakistanis have anything to do with this "Syrian Refugee Crisis."
Watch this video to find out why the Syrian refugee crisis is not Syrian, not about refugees and not even a crisis.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for compensation from when I survived a suicide bomber attack 13 years ago. I guess I should stop holding my breath, huh?
South Tel-Aviv residents are still waiting for relief from the barrage of African infiltrators, stealing, harassing, trashing, and otherwise making their neighborhood and "unpleasant" place to live.

They are also waiting for a new kindergarten to be built to handle their population, but will have to continue to wait. A new kindergarten was just built in their neighborhood,...for "refugees" and "foreign workers."

I wonder just how money gets funneled into this "non-governmental organization," from Israeli taxes. What about from other sources of funds, included in agreements between the Israeli Government and countries such as the U. S.

Inquiring minds want to know....


Daled Amos said...

The Rambam in Hilchos Avodah Zarah 10:1 is not talking about "non-believers". He specifies this as applying to members of the Sheva Amimim, which is not applicable to the case here.

Esser Agaroth said...


I am glad you brought this up.

This is a common misconception. Here the Ramba"m means stam goy. We can see this from the final halakhah of this pereq, as well as some of his later teshuvoth, such as 148.

However, for the moment, I will simply say that the Tur specifically mentions that Muslims are not excluded from this term (Hoshen Mishpat 249). The Beth Yosef, as well as the [uncensored] Ba"Ch concur. It is clearly not just referring to the 7 nations.

Most people want to say that this is referring exclusively to A"Z. Regarding the 7 nations, the Ramba"m himself shows that this is not by giving the example of not pushing the goy down into the river or into the pit, as "we are not at war with them."

We are always at war with the 7 nations.

In case you are still not convinced, as far as saving goyim is concerned, it is all spelled out by the Beth Yosef (Yoreh De'ah 158)

The point of "lo techonem" is to not allow the goyim to lead us to sin with their kefirah. As the Ramba"m points out in Hil. Teshuvah 3:17 (3:8 in censored versions), both Christian and Muslims are koferim.