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CIA Attempts to Recruit IDF Soldiers

כ׳ לחודש השמיני תשע״ו
צה"ל לחיילים: היזהרו מניסיון גיוס ל-CIA
לחדשות 2 Online נודע כי מחלקת ביטחון מידע באמ"ן פרסמה אזהרה לכל הקצינים והחיילים בצה"ל מפני ניסיונות גיוס של סוכנות הביון האמריקנית בקרב חיילים בצה"ל: "גלו עירנות ודווחו על כל אירוע חריג"
מתן חצרוני | חדשות 2 | 01/11/15 14:23 
Mako: [Breaking News] IDF Information Security Issues Warning to Soldiers: Beware CIA Recruitment Attempts
In a highly unusual move, the IDF Information Security Dept has sent a letter to IDF soldiers, warning them that the USA's Central Intelligence Agency is attempting to recruit soldiers from elite units. IDF soldiers were advised to immediately contact their superiors in case they were approached by CIA operatives. This story was corroborated by the IDF spokesman's unit and reported on by Israel's Channel 2 News Service - "Mako."
Matan Hetzroni, November 1, 2015, 2:32pm
(Tip: Tomer Devorah)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Oh, I get it. The U. S. wants to spy on Israel, and apparently feels OK with that. But Jonathan Pollard is still in prison, for 30 year now, for spying on the U. S. for Israel.

Why does the U. S. want to spy, or rather increase its spying, on Israel?

Well, I sincerely doubt that the U. S. Government is just acting out its control issues, or perhaps its feelings of inadequacy, now that Russian and China have clearly usurped its claim to the title "most important world superpower."

I suppose it wants to gather intelligence on Israeli plans to defend and respond to the threats of the Syrian conflict spilling over into Israel, and the ISIS presence in the Sinai, not to mention the long established threats from Hamas in the south, and Hezbollah in the north. What happens if Shi'ite Hezbollah gets backed into a corner by ISIS, and decides to go back with a bang, and take Israel along with it, with its thousands of missiles?

And, by the way, what exactly IS going on in Jordan, anyway? And how much longer will its monarchy last?

How long will Turkey being able to hold off an Islamic takeover, while it is busy dealing with what it believes to be its "Kurdish problem?"

Democracy in Egypt? Yeah, right. I'll believe that, when I see it. Egypt is in the running for becoming the next Islamic state. Although, certain European nations, such as Sweden and Germany, might now be that far behind.

I suppose if I were in the U. S. Government, I would want to spy on Israel, too. Israel is literally in the middle of the build up of foreign troops in the Middle East,. The U. S. will want to know if Israel is planning anything counter productive to anything the U. S. has up its sleeves, and to use any intelligence information to keep Israel under its control.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the U. S. has been spying on Israel. After all, the U. S. is not on Israel's side. It is not on anyone's side but its own.

Everyone will eventually shift their focus to Jerusalem, as the prophet teaches (Zech. 12 - 14). Everyone wants to claim the Temple Mount, and the rest of the Holy City for its own, and that includes the U. S.

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