Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Rant: People and Situations which Irk Me

כ"ב לחודש השמיני תשע"ו

1. People at the store who are told how much their purchases cost, but continue packing them, instead of getting out their money to pay.

2. People who get in the Express line with way more than the limit.

3. Cashiers who let them get away with it.

4. Any store employee who is talking on the phone, or doing something else before taking my money, forcing me to wait unnecessarily.

5. Stupid people employed to educate our children.

6. Governments which hire stupid people to educate our children.

7. People who insist that my directions are wrong, even though the successfully arrived at their destination, only because of my directions.

8. People who ask questions repeatedly, even after I already gave them the answer, and then want to argue with me about how I'm wrong. (So, next time, don't bother asking me!)

9. Bosses who play their employees against each other.

10. Bosses who give their employees mixed messages.

11. Bosses who are "never wrong."

12. People who sing or play or play a musical instrument on the bus, or at a bus stop, because they know that we want to hear them play. (Actually, they just don't care.)

13. People who scream out what their reading on the bus,...because it's for our benefit.

14. People who take my inventory.

15. People who share their results of the inventory they took.

16. People who believe that I should actually care about the results of the inventory they took.

17. People who tell me how I am feeling, especially when they're wrong.

18. People who tell what I should or shouldn't do, like smile, especially when I don't know them, and were certainly not friends.

19. "Friends" whom I'm always the one calling to go hang out, and not only are never available, but never offer an alternative date and time to hang out.

20. "Friends" who hang out with me, only because  they're bored and they find me to be "entertaining."

21. People who expect to speak to me, because it's convenient for them, and couldn't care less whether or not it's convenient for me. (This is called "hijacking" someone's time.)

22. People who do not R. S. V. P.

23. Strangers who touch me, even though I have given absolutely no indication that it's OK to do so.

24. People who touch me, even though I have already, and specifically, told them not to.

25. People who consider something a fact, without supportive evidence. (Just call it a theory or hypothesis, and we're good.)

26. Inappropriate locker room behavior.

27. People who drive too fast in areas where they know there are children playing.

28. People who don't supervise their children.

29. People who don't take responsibility for their children's behavior. (It's all society's fault? Seriously?)

30. American tourists, who don't even bother to learn yes, no, please, and thank-you in the language of the countries where they're traveling.

31. Passive-aggressives.

32. Hypocrites.

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