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Barry Chamish z"l

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ עקב תשע״ו

Barry Chamish z"l
A few days days ago, Barry Chamish passed away, in exile, apparently in his sleep, at the age of 64. I say in exile, as he spent his final years in the U. S., not in his beloved Israel.

Barry was one of the most demonized writers in the world, and for what? Because he put the truth out there, the truth many could not believe, and even more did not want to believe.

Of the headlines announcing his death,...
The Jerusalem Post discounts him.

The Jewish Press mentions his interest in alien encounters.

And Arutz 7 identifies him as a writer and conspiracy theorist (which he was). Nevertheless...
Barry was best known for his book Who Killed Yitzchak Rabin?, in which he exposes the inconsistencies in the investigation into the former Israeli prime minister's death, as well as the possible involvement of the Shabba"k, Israel's secret police, now re-branded as the ISA (Israeli Security Agency).

Barry was teased and mocked, even by friends of mine, and readers of this blog. Yet, even Rabin's daughter, former MK Daliah Rabin-Philosoph (Labor), has said that she does not believe we know know the full story of her father's death.

Barry was constantly criticizing another one of Israel's former prime ministers, as well as former president, Shimon Peres, accusing him of everything from involvement in irradiating Jewish children, giving away Israel's land through the Oslo "Death" Accords, collaborating with the Vatican to give them control of King David's Tomb and other properties, to involvement in Rabin's death.

Barry claimed that both he and his family had been threatened. The last threat to his life was a car accident, which wasn't an accident, claiming that an attending physician even told him so. This "accident" was the last straw for Barry, and he left Israel, claiming that it was for his own safety.

No, Barry did not get it right all of the time. He made mistakes, and I was one to call him on them. But, overall, his endeavors to expose evil were heroic.

But, as one well-known Jerusalem rabbi, controversial himself, and no fan of Barry's, once put it...

"Even if Barry Chamish is only 5% right, we're in big trouble."

Barry's legacy also includes...

His attempts to bring the kidnappers of Yemenite Jewish children almost 70 years ago, to justice. "Coincidentally," one day after Barry's death MK Tzachi HaNegbi (Likud) announces the declassification of documents related to the investigation into these kidnappings. Do not expect anything earth-shattering from this declassification.
His ongoing efforts to expose those responsible for radioactivity experiments on Jewish children, mostly of North African origins.

His book Bye, Bye, Gaza, in which he recounts the inevitable Gaza giveaway, which so many Jews refused to see coming.

And, in my opinion, probably his most important work, his exposé of Labor Zionism, its collaborative efforts with the Nazis, its responsibility for the deaths of countless Jews, and its current endeavors to destroy the Jewish nature of Israel, from within, can be heard in this interview with Kerry Cassidy (August 14, 2012).
Also recommend are Dr. Daisy Stern's Barry Chamish ברוך דיין אמת - זצ"ל and Asking Some Hard Questions after Barry's Passing.

You can review his various other works on hi website

Say what you will about Barry Chamish. But, he was brave, and said what needed to be said, which much more that I can say about so many others.

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