Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Cycle of Abuse...Continues?

Rosh Hodesh of the First Month 5764

I was pleasantly surprised to hear of the death of a monster yesterday, a monster responsible for the deaths of a great number of Jews. May the monster's (Sheik Yassin YSh"W) name and memory be blotted out....

The response of Leftists was not surprising: “We just have to talk with ‘them’ some more.” Sounds to me like western elitists attempting to say that Arabs should abandon their culture and act like westerners. Hmm…I believe that’s called “intolerance to foreign cultures,” an accusation that leftists generally like to throw at their political opponents. Hmm…I believe that’s called hypocracy.

The response of the so-called “international community” was particularly appalling this time. How could anyone in his right mind not see the similarity between this monster and Bin-Laden (may the his name and memory also be blotted out)???

But what about the response of the Israeli government? My question is this: How long will it take for Sharon to apologize for the killing?

Nah! He probably won't...this time.

Picture this: A little kid is upset. He runs up to the big bully at school, kicks him in the knee, barely even bruising him, then runs away.

Sound familiar?

I just described Israeli governments, past and present, never seeming to "finish the job." Even though the bully has been viciously abusing us for hundreds of years, often collaborating with other bullies, Israel is too concerned with what Mommy (the UN/Europe) and Daddy (the US) will think. Mommy and Daddy always tell, “Don’t hit back! Just come tell Mommy and Daddy, and we’ll take care of it.”

But, they never do.

It does not matter to the little kid that Mommy and Daddy are incapable of seeing the truth, and incapable of caring for him. After all, they are far too involved in their addiction to the drugs of power and material wealth.

The little kid only has G-d on his side. All the little kid has to do is cry out to G-d, and to do what G-d wants (i.e. Torah & mitzvoth), but he’s too stubborn. Instead he continues in his pathological cycle of "learned helplessness" and remains the passive-aggressive victim.

Israel has only one choice: with HaShem’s help, tefillah (prayer), tzedaqah (charity), and tshuvah (repentance). And let us not forget that tshuvah includes taking responsibility for ourselves and stopping the cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again.

Note: It is most certainly not the intention of the above to put down nor to minimalize the pain of families who suffer from the pain of active drug addiction (G-d forbid). It is simply an analogy.

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