Friday, August 05, 2005

Regarding Eden Natan-Zada HY"D

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Mas'ei/Rosh Hodesh HaHamishi 5765

Eden Natan-Zada HY-D
I wrote the following in response to an unfriendly e-mail directed toward the young soldier, Eden Natan-Zada hy"d, who was allegedly involved in a shooting incident in the northern Israeli town of Shfar'am.


Conflicting reports are still coming in...

I was debating as to whether to write this just yet, or to wait for more information. I doubt we will EVER know the true story.

I write this now, taking the risk that the Shabba"k (General Security Service) will choose to pick on me next.

What I DO know about Eden Natan-Zada hy"d is that he can only be described as a Ssadiq.

I knew him personally, and just saw him yesterday. He was a very sweet young man who cared deeply for Eress Yisrael, Am Yisrael, and all things holy. He was helpful to his neighbors and friends, and was involved with the renewed Jewish interest in shepherding.

Eden, we already know, was a target of the Shabba"k. Eden did not want to go into the army because he did not want to go into an army which destroys synagogues. He told me once that he saw the destruction of the synagogue on the Tapu'ah West hill, and it affected him greatly. After that he came to visit Tapu'ah where he was very well liked by those who knew him.

Something was not kosher in Shfar'am. I believe it is possible that at the very least the Arab police officers were passive participants in the "lynch," by not protecting Eden sufficiently. At the worst, I believe that he may have been set up by Shabba"k, or God only knows by what other evil forces.

He was NOT on drugs (unless they injected into him by others), and he was NOT insane and NOT a provocateur. However, if you sense Shabba"k involvement of some kind, maybe the situation was manipulated somehow? I wouldn't put it passed them.

I doubt his body will be released without making sure that the physical evidence matches what the Israeli government and Shabba"k want you to believe happened.

I'm in shock over this. Even though I did not know Eden so well, I will certainly miss him when my state of shock finally dissipates.

In the mean time, I cannot fully express my outrage at the leftist media for giving so much coverage to a Jew who may have killed some Yishma'elim (Arabs), yet would never even come close to providing even reasonable coverage when so-called Israeli Arabs kill Jews. It's like it's brushed under the table. How many times can the leftist, Israeli media get away with saying about Israeli Arabs killing Jews that it was an "isolated incident?"

I am also outraged by the so-called "right-wing" YeSh"A leaders who give their spin on such events for the sole purpose of protecting their own personal interests.

"Oh, Merciful One may avenge the spilled blood of your servants." (Mahzor Yom Kippur)

In anger and sadness....

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