Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Boy, His Mom, Her Political Party, & The Universe

7 of the Ninth Month 5766

In Batya Medad's It Feels Like a Death in the Family, she's writes of her disappointment in Tzahi HaNegbi through a trip down memory lane...

Here is my response:


Oh Please! "Let's keep the land, but not kick out the Arabs."

Please correct me if I got that part wrong.

What kind of idiocy is that? Even many Leftists were not in denial about Israel's euphemistically labeled "demographic problem." They did things to egg it on, of course, but they were no longer in denial about it.

Regarding Ge'ulah Cohen, let us not forget that she was,...let's just say, "highly instrumental" in having Rav Kahane's ZTz"L HY"D Ka"Kh Party outlawed. She and all of the other religious and nonreligious Mamlachtim are guilty of nothing less than mesirah and kefirah. They sold a kosher Jew and Talmid Hacham down the river, denied and continue to deny some fundamental Torah principles, and as a result -- well look at us, as a country, as a people. Need I say more?

...Gee, what was the name of her assistant who actually drafted the legislation? His name currently eludes me, but I know I'll think of it one of these days....

"Lo nishkah welo nislah....",

You're right, Batya. Tzahi HaNegbi is no longer ideologically motivated. He's only thinking of himself.

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