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Post-Lag ba'Omer

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Behar-Behuqothai 5766

This letter was prompted by the article...

A7: Lag ba'Omer"If a Tree Falls in the Forest..." on Lag Ba'Omer
by Ze'ev Orenstein
May 16, '06 / 18 Iyar 5766


I like your work. I have to tell you, though, that there is little to no evidenceMR: Lag ba'Omer
to support that the RaShB"I died on Lag baOmer. See the recent interview in Meqor Rishon and b'Qehillah with Rav Avraham Qosman, particularly in regard to the discovered error in interpreting the Ariza"l on this question.

Apparently, one of the few sources suggesting that the RaShB"I died on Lag ba'Omer is from the Ariza"l. In the predominant version, it says "shemeth RaShB"I" (that/when RaShB"I died) This actually came from the abbreviation "shin-mem/geresh".

The original work, obtained from the Vital Family (as in Rav Hayim Vital), reveals the latter "shin-mem/geresh" to stand for "simhato RaShB"I" (happiness of RaShB"I).

That being said, sure I guess it can be a positive experience of unity amongst Am Yisrael, especially when there are gender-segrated events and activities, there should be.

Yet, I was disturbed by the reports of drug use and drug access in Meron this year. And as always, I am disturbed by increased signs of [potential?] avodah zarah, both "praying" to the RaShB"I and Habbad Meshihistiyuth.

Thus, I have mixed feelings about the lack of media coverage.

Additional source:

"Was RaShB"I niftar on Lab ba'Omer?" (shi'ur)
Rav David Bar-Hayim, Jerusalem, 17 Iyyar 5766

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